M25PVMN6TP TR Micron Technology Inc. | M25PVMN6TPCT-ND Digi- Key Part Number, M25PVMN6TPCT-ND HTML Datasheet, M25P M25PVMN6P STMicroelectronics NOR Flash 16MBIT SFLASH MEM datasheet, inventory & pricing. Part, M25P Category. Description, 16 Mbit, Low Voltage, Serial Flash Memory With 50 MHZ Spi Bus Interface. Company, ST Microelectronics, Inc. Datasheet.

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M25P16 SPI flash memory + LPC1769 – prototype work great, designed PCB not so good…

Deep Power-down DP instruction sequence 32 Figure The designer needs to be aware that if a Power-down occurs while a Write, Program or Erase cycle is in progress, some data corruption can result.

Information in this document is provided solely in connection with ST products. Address bits A23 to A21 are Don’t Care. Any Deep Power-down DP instruction, while an Erase, Program or Write cycle is in progress, is rejected without having any effects on m255p16 cycle that is in progress.

The maximum ratings related to soldering conditions are also marked on the inner box label. Chip Select S must be driven High after the eighth bit of the last address byte has been latched in, otherwise the Sector Erase SE instruction is not executed.

The whole memory can be erased using the Bulk Erase instruction, or a sector at a time, using the Sector Erase instruction. That is, Chip Select S must driven High when the number of clock pulses after Chip Select S being driven Low is an exact multiple of All attempts to access the memory array during a Write Status Register cycle, Program cycle or Erase cycle are ignored, and the internal Write Status Register cycle, Program cycle or Erase cycle continues unaffected.


It can also be used as a software protection mechanism, while the device is not in active use, as in this mode, the device ignores all Write, Program and Erase instructions. No SPI device can operate correctly in the presence of excessive noise.

No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property rights is granted under this document. Data retention and endurance and Table The Write In Progress WIP bit is provided in the Status Register so that the application program can monitor its value, polling it to establish when the previous Write cycle, Program cycle or Erase cycle is complete.

S wide – lead Plastic Small Outline, mils body width, mechanical data Symbol millimeters inches Typ. Then, the one-byte instruction code must be shifted in to the device, most significant bit first, on Serial Data Input Deach bit being latched on the rising edges of Serial Clock C.

If more than bytes are sent to the device, previously latched data are discarded and the last data bytes are guaranteed to be programmed correctly within the same page. Protection modes 25 Table 8. Generally, this capacitor is of the order of nF. Hardware Write protection added to Features.

Chip Select S must be driven High after the eighth bit of the instruction code has been latched in, otherwise the Bulk Erase instruction is not executed. Then, the 8-bit instruction code for the instruction is shifted in.


When using the Page Program PP instruction to program consecutive Bytes, optimized timings are obtained with one sequence including all the Bytes versus several sequences of only a few Bytes.

Depending on the instruction, this might be followed by address bytes, or by data bytes, or by both or none. Normal precautions must be taken for supply rail decoupling, to stabilize the V cc supply. Before this can be applied, the bytes of memory need to have been erased to all 1s FFh. Any Read Identification RDID instruction while an Erase or Program cycle is in progress, is not decoded, and has no effect on datzsheet cycle that is in progress.

This bit is returned to its reset state by the following events: The value of the 8-bit Electronic Signature, for the M25P1 6, is 1 4h. Document revision history Date Revision Changes -i c ion onno U. S01 6 connections 7 Figure 4.

M25P16 SPI flash memory + LPC – prototype w | NXP Community

AC characteristics Grade 6 40 Table 1 6. Resistors R represented in Figure 4 ensure that the M25P16 is not selected if the Bus Master leaves the S line in the high impedance state. Data is shifted out on the falling edge of Serial Clock C. These parameters are characterized only. This is followed by the internal Program cycle of duration t PP.