by Longchen Rabjam (—). From his great clouds of prayers arising through wisdom, which permeates the dimension of reality completely, and through. Longchen Rabjam (Longchenpa). Longchenpa. Longchen Rabjam lived from and is revered as one of the greatest scholars in the Nyingma tradition. In Praise of Longchen Rabjam. Book cover By Khenpo Shenga. Translated by Adam Pearcey. Due to the kindness of Guru Padmasambhava, there have been.

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These texts are the seventeen tantras and the branch or instruction teachings, namely: Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche added a line to this popular invocation of Longchen Rabjam, transforming it into a prayer to realize the natural state, which is the true nature of the mind. At the age of 19, Longchenpa entered the famous lonvchen monastic college Sangpu Neutok Wylie: Do not hold your mind at one place, but let it go at ease.

Many ringsel relics and five kinds of dungchens large ringsels emerged from the bones as an indication of his attainment of the five bodies and five wisdoms of Buddhahood. From ‘Finding Comfort and Llngchen in Meditation’: During the consecration ceremony, he had the clear vision of Buddha Shakyamuni, Maitreya and the Sixteen Arhats.

The Mdzod bdun Seven Treasuries are his most famous works, presenting the whole of Buddhist thought from a snying thig viewpoint; the Ngal gso skor gsu m Resting at Ease Trilogy and the Rang grol skor gsum Natural Freedom Trilogy provide in-depth introductions to Rdzogs chen ; the Mun sel skor gsum Dispelling the Darkness Trilogy are three commentaries on the Guhyagarbha Tantra ; and the Snying thig ya bzhi Seminal Quintessence in Four Parts is a redaction of his three snying thig commentaries together with their predecessors, the Vima snying thig and the Mkha’ ‘gro snying thig.

Rabnam bow down at the feet of the lama, who protects as the embodiment of the Three Jewels. Just as soon as he got his simple life settled in a temporary shelter, usually a cave, which would protect him from rain and cold, the time would come to move again. It is said to be particularly beneficial for Tibet, as it has the power to pacify illness, prevent famine and border invasions, and contribute to the welfare of the teachings and beings.


Longchenpa describes this text as a letter sent from his mind to itself, and, as befits such a personal message, it is heartfelt and candid.

Gyalwa Longchen Rabjam – Thubten Lekshey Ling

At nineteen, he went to the great university of Sangphu Neuthok, a popular center for advanced studies that was founded by Ngog Lekpei Sherab, the reputed Tibetan scholar of logics. Even in the coldest months in Tibet, the earth became warm, the ice melted, and roses bloomed.

He is also a commentator on the Kunyed Gyalpo Tantra Tib. Longchsn spent most of his later life at Gangri Thodkar.

We let the innermost essence descend for the sake of practicing the third empowermentThinking we enhance our practice by relying on a consort. Longchenpa was a critical link in the exoteric and esoteric transmission of the Dzogchen teachings.

Apart from Longchenpa’s names given below, he is sometimes referred to by the honorary title “Second Buddha” Tib. Dudjom Rinpoche — et al.

Thirty Pieces of Heart Advice

This is my advice. For a long time, perhaps a month, the minds of the yogi disciples merged into a deep luminous clarity, which transcends designations of sleeping or waking. In particular, while composing the Seven Treasuries at Gangri Thodkar, his attendant witnessed how Longchenpa ordered Vishnu to prepare ink for writing. At sixteen, with the master Tashi Rinchen and others, he started studying many tantras belonging to the New Tantric lineage, such as the two traditions of the fruit and path Lam ‘Brastwo traditions of the six yogas Ch’os Drugthe Wheel of Time Kalachakracutting off [the ego] gChodand the three pacifications Zhi Byed traditions.

Rigdzin Kumaradza conferred all his Nyingthig teachings on Longchen Rabjam and proclaimed him his lineage successor. He received the combined Kadam and Sakya teachings of the Sutrayana through his main Sakya teacher, Lama Dampa Sonam Gyaltsenin addition to the corpus of both old and new translation tantras.

A network of volunteer Regional Coordinators facilitate teachings in various languages.

Thirty Pieces of Heart Advice | Lotsawa House

To be naked and so on in the middle of ordinary people, Longchwn might think of such eccentric behaviour as part of higher asceticism, But it is a reason for worldly beings to lose faith in what is pure. The other happened in his 29th year, his meeting with the great mystic Rigdzin Kumaradza alt. At the age of 29, he met Vidyadhara Rigdzin Kumaraza in the upper part of Yartokyam valley, who took care of him with great compassion.


Please realize the nature at this very moment. On the sixteenth of the twelfth month, with others he performed an elaborate offering ceremony.

He is credited with more than works, both as author and compiler, among which are the famous Seven Treasuries mdzod bdunthe Trilogy of Natural Freedom rang grol skor gsumthe Trilogy of Natural Ease ngal gso skor gsumhis Trilogy of Dispelling Darknessand his compilation, with commentaries, of the Nyingtig Yabshi.

Social Twitter Facebook Instagram. Karma Rangjung Dorje bestowed him the empowerment and explanation on the Six Applications, the Means to Dispel Obstacles, the Six Yoga Trainings of Naropa and the introduction to the three truth bodies.

Together with Rangjung DorjeLongchenpa accompanied Kumaraja and his disciples for two years, during which time he received all of Rigdzin Kumaradza’s transmissions. Buddhahood is not somewhere else, but in us. Longchen Rabjam received teachings and transmissions of all the lineages of Buddhist teachings that were present in Tibet.

Lontchen times he offered all of whatever little he possessed to his master to cleanse his clinging to any material objects. The present mind, which is unhindered—No grasping at “this” [or “that”], free from any modifications or dilutions, and. In addition, he learnt the common sciences of poetry, grammar, prosody, etc and mastered whatever he studied.

If you have any difficulty understanding my teachings, Read the Yangtig Yizhin Norbu [aka Lama Yangtig ]; it will be like a wish-fulfilling jewel.

As I have long ago realized the nature of samsara, There is no essence in the longhen existents. In Bumthang he established Tharpa Ling Monastery. From the supreme master of the Sakya tradition, Dampa Sonam Gyaltsen, he received the entire instructions on the Lamdre Chenmo Great path and fruitthe three visions and three tantras.