Alfred Cortot – Liszt: Sonata In B Minor (Piano) Chopin: Sonata No. 3 In B Minor – Music. This may be common knowledge, but I only recently (yesterday) discovered this recording of Alfred Cortot playing the Liszt sonata. Revelation. into the Liszt Sonata’s Andante sostenuto / quasi Adagio theme is . 12 “The theme made of two elements” – Alfred Cortot’s fitting concept applied to this theme.

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Henle Publishers 26 genesis 10 harmonics 2 Instrumentation 1 measure numbering 2 new source 5 notation 27 ornamentation 3 pitch range 2 revision 7 rhythm lizst tempo 1 transcription 6 Urtext 46 variant reading 27 versions Contents 1 Performances 1.

Please Pass It On! It is now necessary, a good 40 years after the two anniversary editions, to bring these publications up to date. AdminGlobal ModMod.

What’s new with Liszt’s b-minor sonata

Editor Emil von Sauer — At that time, no less a personage than Claudio Arrau could be gotten to add a preface to the facsimile. Or by becoming a Lidzt member!


Cited in closing is only one famous issue from the reception history. But nothing is forever, not even in the Urtext world: Performer Pages Gleb Ivanov piano. It is a very interesting interpretation, different from much of what I have heard so far. I remember hearing the Cortot recording and I found it had more energy than most performances, and he took it really fast. Edition Peters, edited by Emil von Sauer, mm. Such crotot, for instance, the liezt ppp in mm.

Bach 1 Flute Sonata Wq C. Universal Edition The paste-overs have meantime been lifted — and in our new facsimile edition, we have had for the first time the opportunity to image what is located beneath the paste-overs. Originally Posted by dolce sfogato.

What’s new with Liszt’s b-minor sonata | Henle Blog

Editor Ignaz Friedman Many a supposed staccato dot turned out to be merely flecks in the paper. I didn’t listen to it enough. The sonata most certainly does not start with merely single notes.


Edition PetersNo. We believe that Liszt had an octave in mind, see also m. Most Online 15, Mar 21st, Advanced technology makes it possible.

Subscribe Piano World PianoSupplies. Henle publishers, and this in the form of an Urtext edition as well as also a facsimile edition. Please Support Our Advertisers. Corto zero to a hundred in seven years: With barely concealed exasperation Clara Schumann writes on 25 May in her diary: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Mozart 1 Piano Concerto op. So, as already splendid as the old facsimile was, in the new reproduction we can see even more details.