Naq laa’in chaq laj Boy Scout ut wan chaq we 12 chihab’, ke’xsi we jun li k’a’aq re ru jwal ajb’il choq’ re lin ch’uut re li saaj. A’ab jun li ch’ina maal rik’in li. Octubre | Wan xk’uub’anb’il na’leb’ li Qaawa’ choq’ qe! nachal xb’aan junaq li ch’ina paaltil” (“Chiru jun li ch’ina paaltil”, Liahona, mayo , perel 58). Rajlal naqab’i li Awa’b’ej Thomas S. Monson chi aatinak chirix li “teneb’anb’il sa’ qab’een re xk’amb’aleb’ wi’chik”. Nachal sa’ inch’ool jun resil sa’ li ak’.

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Before he started, he said, “Let’s all close our eyes and cross our arms. First off, I had a hot shower.

Then we were walking to visit a family, when we ran into our buddy Sabastian the kid who drew me a pictureand he invited us to his house. Today, he was there and he ate with us! Second off, it was ward conference and we had people there!

Also, he has said that missionaries will be staying in their areas for He is such a hoot! We visited with them so many times. You had a birthday party Monday and you invited everyone cotubre me.

I decided to give my 2nd hamburger to Bruno. We leave at 10 pm from here Wednesday night and get back the same time Thursday night hahaha. The spirit was so strong.


After that, we went to Paola Monja to ask her to help us know how to find the house of Any Annie Vasquez, because it was her turn to feed us. Daniel taught about faith in Jesus Christ and it was awesome.

October 2014

After that, as we were walking around trying to find people in their houses, Martin found us. Posted by Sierra at 2: He said to me, “Hna Dodson, I am annoyed with you. Just learn more about the gospel, do research, learn, feast upon the words. Since my comp doesn’t know it, I got to teach most of the lesson and talk about the movie and it was awesome.

Her name is Alexandra. He said that before he even knew about the temple, when he was freshly learning from the missionaries, that he had a dream and that it took place on the Salt Lake City Temple grounds.

Li rahok—li xsahil ru li Evangelio – Xb’aan li awa’b’ej Thomas S. Monson

We headed out to Fonavi and stopped by Edinson to check up on him. Flor and Alex are my favorites.

It was also one of the assistant’s birthdays so we had cake! Octube headed to dinner. We had felt that we should go and visit Pedro, and when he wasn’t there, but his cousin was, we asked if we could share a small message with him. That is when we ran into David, a guy that we have been trying to find in his house with his family.


Then I showered and headed to breakfast. President Williams is an amazing person. Dinner was beets, broccoli, soup and toasted rolls. Atonement Jesus Christ plan of salvation Sabbath All topics She said, “You’ve been to Utah!?

octubre 2014

2041 tried going to Hugo and familia, but they weren’t home, so we headed home because it wasn’t safe. We taught her what we learned about in Sunday School, because she wasn’t at church. They are really awesome.

We didn’t find the family because no one was in the house, so we headed to another part of Fonavi, and during our walking, we ended up finding more less active members who want to have visits with us. Well, we headed to Chiclayo right after breakfast 8amso we could get there in time to practice for the choir.

I can send home my chip eventually too. It was Diego the kid from the ilahona night. Then we went to dinner. He freaked out and ran away and told Berta that octugre is someone in there. She was baptized in Motupe.