Soul of the Four Winds was a Mastery 4 internal air kiho that was developed over two hundred years ago by a retired Iuchi shugenja. It increased the dominance. L5R (3rd Edition) – The Four Winds. Uploaded by Ayoze Ojeda. The content of this book is about the history of Rokugan. Add a lot of information and system for . Follows Legend of the Five Rings: The Clan on the game Legend of the Five Rings (L5R). The Steel Throne: The Four Winds Saga, Prelude, Wind o.

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Image – Four | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It was revealed to have been Fushinthe Onisu of Betrayal, who had been summoned by Daigotsu. Tsudao had the aid of Akashawho would contact with the sleeping Naga to trap and fight the Tsunowihdrawing an important Daigotsu’s ally. Sezaru promised his brother that if he was assassinated would not let Kaneka become Emperor.

While Sezaru was visiting the Oracles, he was also seeking Toturi Kaede. The Bloodspeakers’ war upon the Empire changed that, however, and to his brother the Emperor, Sezaru became the monster he had hidden away for so long. Sezaru warned Naseru about Hotekuhime, who was loyal to the Emperor only because she still loved Naseru. Sezaru learned what a Doomseeker was, and that Iuchiban was a Khadian immortal heartless raised from the ancient knowledge in the Burning Sands.

His journeys beyond the borders of Rokugan had changed him, as had his duel against Iuchiban. Sezaru felt she could help him in his quest and the Soshi joined the Wolf.

His Isawa mentors gifted him with a mask which was the symbol of Sezaru’s lineage – child of the Son of Heaven and the Oracle of the Void.


After the court he travelled to Phoenix lands and met Isawa Nakamuro. The Wolf was surprised the Scorpion had gathered this knowledge, so Angai went further and exposed her as member of the secretive Kuroiban.

Four Winds | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

And you both believe that the other cannot achieve such goals. Sezaru had always embodied brilliance and madness in equal measures. Toturi IToturi Kaede.

Sezaru took Gensaiken as follower, who was secretly another disguised Pekkle no Oni. During the travels in the Spirit Realms Sezaru’s form was a wolf much larger than his physical body. They battled the massive force of Bloodspeakers led by Jama Suru and Mohai. For other uses of the term, please see Sezaru disambiguation.

The Four Winds made their way to the City, being watched out by the nezumisent by the Crab. Gensaiken wished that Sezaru claimed the Throne and worked for it, [29] [14] and the Wolf finally did. The Wolf wanted only two things: Sezaru’s hair became white an omen of an Ishiken shortly after birth and his aptitude for magic study surpassed even his mother’s at the same age.

She told how the swords had been fetched shortly after the Toturi’s death, and made an explanation about why they did not returned to the Imperial family since then. Inafter a rash of “enlightenment” swept over the Empire, Toturi III decided to investigate by entering the Empire anonymously.

Triumph where I failed. The Master of the Secrets, Bayushi Yojirofout one Scorpion Clan member to follow and monitor each of the Four Windsand Soshi Angai was chosen to monitor the emperor’s eldest son.

He would only join the war if the Mantis armies were within reach of Kyuden Isawa. The Wolf willingly accepted Kosei’s oath, granting upon him the name of the Imperial Line. During his contention for his father’s rour, he was known as The Wolf [1] and Son of the Void. Sezaru did however not know which one it would be yet. In the course of his investigation he travelled to the Shadowlandswhere the Battle of the Tomb resulted in his death.


Legend of the Five Rings: The Four Winds Saga by Edward Bolme

He aided Sezaru to recover from his wounds. In the second child of Toturi and Toturi Kaede was born under signs of great fortune. The Sculptor of Flesh and Yajinden believed it could be used better by Sezaru than if they showed it to Iuchiban. The Wolf had joined the Phoenix because he had sensed some darkness growing within the Phoenix lands and Isawa Sezaru came to destroy it. Sezaru returned to Toshi Ranbo and told Naseru the bad news respect the Bloodspeakers: After they talked, Kaneka decided to left his wanderings and returned to Toshi Ranbo.

A fierce battle ensued, but Sezaru prevailed thanks to an illusion of Shiba Aikune created by his wife Isawa Angai. The Toturi dynasty came to a final end nine years later. The four children of Toturi I were, in order of age. This article is about the second son of Toturi I. While the assailant was being questioned by Sezaru he was possessed, his eyes turned blood-red. After the dead of Mirabu Sezaru was becoming more and more unstable.