Kubera is known as the lord of wealth in Hinduism. As the treasurer of the riches of the world, Kubera is prescribed to be worshipped. Kubera. Kubera mudra for fulfillment of desires. Kubera mudra can be used for specific goal. If you want something badly,focus on it, visualize and do. Kubera Mudra also known as wealth is so very powerful Mudra that sometimes it gives you results in just seconds sometimes in few hours.

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Kubera Mudra

Mudra is actually a way of life. Folding hands, bending have become very popular in India. Gently Press your fingers together while doing this. Use this when you feel drained, fatigued or depressed. This is a project under khbera. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Mudras can balance the elements within 45 minutes.

They involve simultaneous movements of hands, eyes, legs and even waist. Kubera mudra bestows kybera and our projects succeed. You can kubefa your consciousness and revitalize your organ systems in a matter of minutes by practicing these sacred hand gestures.

Please share them with me at energyworks gmail. You can Help creating new pages. Dedicated to the god of wealth, Kubera. Our body is made up of five elements ,ubera Earth, sky, water, air and fire. We all believe that mudra is most popular in Asia. He is the treasurer of shiva, god of kailasa. Visualize your goal, your future, or your special wish, in all its colours.

It boosts your inner metabolism by giving you confidence and eternal strength. Each cell is being fully revitalized now.


For instance, if you are suffering from something which requires mental piece, which in Indian terms is called as depression.

It is actually wealth god as well call it in Indian mythology. So generally, it is advisable to do mudra for 45 minutes in a day. Please enter your name here. Kubera, the Sanskrit name for an important Lord of Wealth in Hindu mythology, has his very own mudra, or hand gesture, in yoga. When you close your fingers in Kubera mudra, the three closed fingers gesture midra additional strength to the matter or thought.

Becoming Who We Already Are. How to Manifest Anything with Kubera Mudra. The mudras are equally popular in Indian dance forms too. Every position in mudra has a kkbera meaning. It works on five principle of Chinese element theory.

Hand Mudras — Healing power in your hands. He is a true representation of wealth, prosperity and glory. It is obvious that something special happens when the fingers kubrra Mars forcefulnessJupiter resplendence, exuberant joyand Saturn fixation on the essential and passing through new gateways join forces.

Kubera Mudra – Ayurwiki

Clasp your hands with index fingers touching flat on each mydra point downward at sacral chakra below the navel. Return to Who You Are. One such significant mudra is Kubera Mudra. Mudra is very simple actually. If you want to encourage greater abundance and unshakeable self-confidence in your life, add Kubera mudra and a positive intention to your daily routine.

You may find that deeper, more elaborate desires call mudga more time. Kubera mudra also bestows courage. Please enter your comment! May be you do it in morning or evening, that is completely your choice.


Intensity of your desire and determination determine your success and Kubera mudra helps you to keep focussed on your goal. How to perform Kubera mudra for fulfilment of desires? It is believed that something will definitely happen when the planet of Mars forcefulnessJupiter excessive joy and Saturn fixation on the essential and passing through new gateways come together.

Now place three fingers together in Kubera mudra, phrase out your wish or thought in a positive way as you say it out loud three times. Do this with both hands without any strain in the palms. Then analyse your thought and ask your heart whether it is good for you and it enriches your surrounding world.

This mudra is associated with your inner desires and strength.

A Practical Exercise in Grace. If you closely observe the various gestures by priests in mass, then you will be able to get a glimpse of how these ancient people used to represent themselves.

These three forces when joined together will fulfill all your desires and aspirations. So, directly or indirectly we all are performing some or the other mudras but we tend to ignore them with time. There are no time restrictions and precautions for Kubera mudra practice. Mudras are positions of the hands that carry strong symbolic significance in yoga and traditional Indian dance. The Foundation of True Fulfillment. Now, let me tell you something very important.