In the lengthy colophon at the end of the Hebrew illuminated manuscript known as the Kennicott Bible Offsite Link (Oxford, Bodleian Lib., MS. Kenn. 1) the scribe . We offer 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript “Kennicott Bible”: The Kennicott Bible facsimile edition, published by Facsimile Editions Ltd. – London, Label. loading. About. The Kennicott Bible. The Kennicott Bible is the most lavishly illuminated. Hebrew Bible to survive from medieval Spain and. Highlights .

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While the text of the Bible is the traditional massoretic text, it is the elaborate, imaginative decoration for which it is treasured.

Amen, God grant that it be so. Les Proverbes de Salomon In the course of his work Kennicott acquired this manuscript which in addition to its traditional masoretic text features an elaborate and imaginative decoration that still survives today.

A Geneva Bible OxfordBodleian LibraryMS. The manuscript is preserved in the Bodleian Library.

Comments There are no comments yet. Executed almost twenty years before the final Expulsion of the Jews from Spain inat a time when they were already being harassed by the Spanish Inquisitionthis manuscript shows what great importance Jewish communities attached to the perpetuation of their heritage by investing in the production of an accurate and beautifully adorned Bible. The highly stylized figures – almost modern in their abstract rendering – delight the eye with the richness of their colours and their varied compositions.

Facsimile Editions – Kennicott Bible

Once bound, the edges of each leaf were gilt with 23 carat gold. Gift Certificate Beautifully decorated gift certificate with a personal inscription can be provided at no additional charge. The artist, Joseph Ibn Hayyim, adorned the text with carpet pages, panels and numerous decorative motifs. The most exquisite of all Hebrew bibles, written and illuminated in medieval Spain injust 16 years before the Expulsion.


For Psalms, he adopted an older tradition, whereby combinations of long and short lines, centred and right-justified lines, are arranged in single columns.

The Kennicott Bible

This page was last edited on 23 Marchat The Old Testament in its Social Context. The Dissertatio generalisappended to the second volume, contains an account of the manuscripts and other authorities collated, and also a review of the Kennicltt text, divided into periods, and beginning with the formation of the Hebrew canon after the return of the Jews from the exile. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It gained its name from the Hebraist Benjamin Kennicotwho researched the manuscript in the 18th century.

Once your order has been placed we will send you an electronic invoice and the courier will contact you by email to enable you to track the progress of your order. A canon of Christ Church, Oxford, Kennicott spent his life comparing textual variants of hundreds of Hebrew manuscripts worldwide.

Edition Strictly limited to copies numbered 50 ad personam copies numbered I – L Each volume discreetly numbered by hand inside the leather binding using minute steel dies Each volume accompanied by a numbered certificate carrying the stamp of the Bodleian Library Printing plates were destroyed in accordance with halachic requirements.

Kennicott Bible

At the completion of the edition, the printing plates were destroyed, in accordance with halachic requirementsthus protecting the significant investment value of each copy. Not satisfied merely to reproduce the appearance of parchmentthe original folios were studied and measured for their thickness, weight and opacity. Reproducing the extensive gold and silver metal leaf of the original was a major challenge which was eventually completed by seven craftsmen working continuously for four months applying leaf by hand to each illumination.


King David on his throne, Jonah being swallowed by a fish, or Balaam as an astrologer consulting an astrolabeare but a few of the text illustrations in the Kennicott Bible. Binding Fine Italian morocco goatskin box-binding over specially prepared boards Interlacing geometric designs on all six sides embossed with handmade dies Facsimile edges gilt with 23 carat gold leaf.

Before this appeared he had written kenbicott dissertations entitled The State of the Printed Hebrew Text of the Old Testament consideredpublished respectively in andwhich were designed to combat contemporary ideas as to the “absolute integrity” of the received Hebrew text. Fortunately, the binding has survived the centuries and it is as lavish as the manuscript itself for it is a morocco goatskin box binding, blind-tooled on all six sides and embellished with cut-out endpapers echoing the intricate motifs of the carpet pages dividing the Bible into its 3 main sections.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online ed. Two hundred and thirty-eight of the pages of the Bible are illuminated with lively colours, burnished gold and silver leaf. We’re gathering information about what you’d like to find here.

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Manuscript book Description Facsimile Edition Description The famous Kennicott Bible is one of the most sumptuous medieval Spanish manuscripts in existence.