Il vi. Si. LISERAINO. * TANFORD. VERS: UNIVERSITY. STANFORD. JA, O. CCIN. . N. AT STANFORD. UNIVERSITY. ”’.’. GII. CITY. LELANDA.. CLGAN. Introductory and reference materials on the subject of Kabbalah. English translations of a few selections from Kabbala Denudata may be found on the internet. Kabbala Denudata, the Kabbalah Unveiled, Containing the Following Books of by Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, Christian Knorr von.

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Introductory and reference materials on the subject denuadta Kabbalah. Lexicon of Hebrew terms. Articles on aspects of Kabbalah tree of life, metaphysics, the soul, visions of Ezechiel, merkabah etc. Additional portions of the Zohar partly translated, discussed and summarized. Napthali Hirtz and Chaim Vital. This work should not be placed on kabhalah web sites or sold in any form without the explicit permission of both the University of California at Berkeley and Bill Heidrick.

Thanks are due to the staff at the Bancroft Denudaa at UCB for allowing use of the book and granting public access on this web site. Of the nearly 2, pages estimated to comprise the entire work, this set is known to be short by two pages overlooked during filming.

On first impression, it seemed that pages were left out during the original binding of Pars Tertia into the longer of the two bound volumes used to make these images from Tom I. Thanks to the ? Pars Tertia of Tom I was placed wrongly, near the end, instead of in its proper location in the version scanned denuxata.

Catalog Record: Kabbala denudata : the Kabbalah unveiled, | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Tom II seems to be complete, but other copies have not been examined. For more information, see the “Technical Details” section, below. The resolution of the images there is higher than will be found on this web site. The material on this present website may be easier to download and does include Tom II. English translations of a few selections from Kabbala Denudata may be found on the internet via Google and other search engines.

Macgregor Mathers book, Kabbalah Unveiledis often represented as a translation of the entire work; but it provides only a portion of the latter part of Tom II: Pars Secunda, Tracts 1 through 3, about pages in all Zohar sections: Mathers published a translation of the Latin, but he excluded the Hebrew and Aramaic text which occupies about half of each page.

Some anthologies of translations from the Zohar include one or more of these tracts, while others do not. Moses de Leon’s Zohar is itself a much larger work, and these texts are particularly difficult to render into European languages.

Perhaps the most valuable part of Mathers’ Kabbalah Unveiled is the introduction, an abridgement of Christian D. The Ginsburg work is particularly helpful to have in hand while reading this present set of page scans, since Ginsburg provides many of the Greek terms that may be difficult to see on these JPG images.


Antiquarians and scholars take note: Many books from this period were sold unbound in sections, with the buyer expected to arrange binding. A buyer might make a selection from available portions, not purchasing the entire work. Accordingly, great caution is necessary in purchasing and studying these 17th century books.

Christian Knorr von Rosenroth

Unless the modern buyer is able to examine page-by-page, there is a high risk of ending up with a defective set. Three bound volumes were used to make this electronic version, two one short, one long for Tom I and one for Tom II. Pagination restarts at several points, and there are typographic errors in page numbering in a few signatures. These three volumes are apparently of the edition, although the Tom I title page says “” in both long and short versions. I base this conclusion regarding the date of publication on the fact that K1 has a section dated and K3 shows signs of that section being physically excluded collation errors are consistent with removal of those signatures from K3.

K1 is well collated, but contains Adumbratio Kabbalae Christianae Scripturae and ends with Apparatus in Librum Sohar, Pars Prima Pages 34 and 35 are missing from Admubration Kabbalae Christianae — apparently overlooked during the original filming.

K3 omits Adumbratio Kabbalae Christianae This gives the appearance that signatures containing Adumbratio Kabbalae Christianae The Lexici in K3 has a other collation faults, one at the first few pages and one near the middle of the text — these have been repaired with images from K1 in the pdfs, only, not in the zips. K3 has a major collation fault in that “Liber Porta Coelorum,” proper to Pars Tertia, is placed instead after the end of Pars Quarta, just before the plates. The plates at the end of the second pdf are described denudaat Pars Quarta, in that pdf.

Some of the plates in the back of Tom I were cut short by the binder. Intact versions of those plates may be found on the National Library in Jerusalem web site see above.

Knorr von Rosenroth’s

Kabbala Denudata was one of the first books I filmed at home in fenudata early ‘s. At that time, this work was in the loan stacks of the main library at UC Berkeley. On return of the three volumes to the library, I recommended that the set be transferred to the Bancroft rare books library, where I am assured it safely resides to this day.

The 35mm negatives were made on Kodak Tri-X Pan film and developed with a commercial product. Contrast is lower than it would be for microfilm. The resulting images are therefore a little dark, but tend denhdata show more faint detail than would be seen on microfilm. These images are also a little better for eliminating offset and ghosting caused by denuudata on adjacent pages. Lighting was a problem; portions to the upper left and center tend to be lighter than portions to the lower right on each image.


This difficulty of lighting is most obvious in the first 60 images from K1. Detail resolution is less than one would expect on commercial microfilm, but all Latin and Denudsta lettering should be easily read. Greek type faces from the period were typically quite small and thin.

Many Greek terms found in odd places in these images may be illegible. To view a sample image, click here. Magnify in your browser and look for two Greek letters in the second line of numbered paragraph 3.

Orientation for Christian scholars. A very extensive Lexicon of Hebrew terms from the Zohar and related literature — this lexicon is arguably the most valuable portion of the book. It includes brief essays on terms and ideas, along with observations of gematria and other details. Shows influence from Bartolocci’s Bibliotheca Magna Rabbinica of Comments from other scholars, more advanced articles on aspects of Kabbalah tree of life, metaphysics, the soul, visions of Ezechiel, merkabah.

Synopsis and introduction to the Zohar. Works by Issachar ben Napthali and R. It’s better to use the “Save Target As” option right click on a PC with Internet Explorer or equivalent on other browsers and Macs than to simply click on these links.

The download is often a bit faster and more likely to be successful if that is done.

Directly clicking the link will typically cause an Adobe Reader plugin to activate, slowing the transfer and giving rise to more likelihood of failure with large PDF files. Tom I, part 1 of 2: For slower internet connection, please consider the zip version.

De variis universi statibus. De statu modernae Constitutionis. De Personis Divinitatis in specie. Yod — pg KRKD1i. Tom I, part 2 of 2: Tractatus de Anima R. Moscheh Korduero — pg Visionis Ezechieliticae sive Mercavae Expositio See the plates at the end of this division for these figures. End plates Intended to go with description of figures — see above. TOM II, part 1 of 2: Kabbalae Denudate Tomus Secundus Cancrinis Cancrinus and Lectori Philebraeo. Titulus Quintus Ordo Judicii Titulus Undecimus Porta Retributionis Futurae De Mundo Infinit primo TOM Demudata, part 2 of 2: