Download Jadwal KRL apk for Android. Enjoy millions of Using APKPure App to upgrade Jadwal KRL, fast, free and save your internet data. . KRL Commuterline is a commuter rail system for Jakarta Metropolitan Area in Indonesia. . In July , KA Commuter Jabodetabek served more than , passengers .. “Penambahan Jadwal Commuter Line dan Ancaman Kemacetan”. Berikut prakiraan perbandingan antara Jadwal KRL Gapeka , Realisasi Jadwal tahun dan Jadwal KRL Gapeka dari twitter @pnpcl.

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On maps and diagrams, the line is shown using the colour “yellow”. The yellow line, especially the loopline corridor between Jatinegara and Manggarai stations is the main trunk line or feeder for Jadeal Commuter line system.

It connects to pink line at Kampung Bandanbrown line at Durigreen line at Tanah Abangand blue line at Jatinegara and Manggarai. The line and stations between Manggarai and Bogor are shared with the red line. Interchange station to Jakarta Kota—Bekasi. TransJakarta Corridor 2 K Senen. TransJakarta Corridor 4 K Manggarai. On maps and diagrams, the line jzdwal shown using the color “red”. Jakarta Kota—Bogor line is the busiest line in the Commuter Line system. On maps and diagrams, the line is shown using ajdwal color “blue”.

One serves via Manggarai and other one via Pasar Senen. On maps and diagrams, the line is shown using the colour “brown”. Stations The distance table of Commuterline stations. Jabodetabek or Greater Jakarta is an official and administrative definition of the urban area or megacity surrounding the Indonesia capital city, Jakarta.

The original term “Jabotabek” dated from the late s and was revised to “Jabodetabek” in when “De” for “Depok” was inserted into the name following its formation. It finally hadwal DKI Jakarta, five cities and three regencies. The name of the region is taken from the first two or three letters of each city’s name: The population of Jabodetabek, with an area of 6, km2, was over As of Junethe average number of KRL users per day madwal 1, Formation The sets were formed as follows. The station is located in the altitude of meter above sea level.

This station served as a commuter train serving Jabodetabek area.

KRL – Page 2 – Commuterline Indonesia

Intercity train services have moved from this station to Bogor Paledang station nearby. It serves primarily as a commuter station for the Jabodetabek area, and is operated by KA Commuter Jabodetabek.

Bukit Duri depot is located in south. History Construction of the station in s, it was then jadwsl in Meester Cornelis, Dutch East Indies Manggarai Station opened on 1 May even though construction irl not fully finished — World War I in Europe delayed the delivery of certain parts of its roof.

The construction was supervised by Van Grendt. The first class waiting room has not changed since the s. The station replaced the second Meester Cornelis Station, which was located a few hundred meters to the south. Manggarai Station is not just a station, it is also as a parking place 0215 intercity trains before the trains This station located to the east of West Flood Canal.

The station and the canal are only separated by a small, narrow embankment and as such, Tanah Abang jrl is prone to flooding, especially during the jadwwl rain season.


It used to serve some intercity services, but after the opening of Rangkasbitung railway station, all local train services towards Merak use Rangkasbitung station as their terminus, therefore jadwak train services do not stop in Tanah Abang station anymore. This station, alongside with Duri railway station, serves as transfer stations for the only train services towards South Tangerang and Tangerang respectively.

As commuters from these two satellite cities need to change train here before going to other places in Jakarta, these two stations tend to be crowded especially in rush hour.

Jakarta Kota Station Indonesian: The station was jaewal Batavia Zuid[1] or South Batavia until the beginning of the 20th century. This station also serves three of the six KRL Jabotabek train lines, which operate in the Jakarta metropolitan area. Pasar Senen Station is a station located in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is the second largest train station in Jakarta after Gambir Station. The new station was built few yards away from the old station and was opened on 19 March The station was designed by J.

The station was 20115 first of its kind in Java to have a high level platform, similar to the stations in Netherlands. The station was intended to be the main central station of Weltevreden. However it only last until and the central station was reverted to Gambir Station. The station is situated on a railway junction where a line from Jatinegara connects to the Tanjung Priok-Jakarta Kota railway.

Local trains from Tanjung Priok to Purwakarta also stop at this station. In the past, there were railway sidings heading to the Pasoso-Depo Pertamina Cilincing depot from Ancol station but those have been closed since the s. Retrieved 17 January Trains This is the list of the train which stops on Gondangdia Station. The station is located at an altitude of meters above sea level.

This station serves as a commuter train stop serving the Jabodetabek area and also regional train to Sukabumi Which begins at the main Bogor railway station. As a metropolitan area of about 30 million people, Jakarta has a variety of transport systems.

Composed of an inner and outer ring road and five toll roads radiating outwards, the network provides inner as well as outer city connections. In’odd-even’ policy was introduced which designated cars with either odd or even-numbered jadwla plates on a particular day as a transitional measure to alleviate traffic congestion until the future introduction of Electronic Road Pricing.

KA Commuter Line Jatinegara–Bogor

Together with three other stations located on this line, it was only inaugurated inwhich makes it one of the newest station in the network. At the beginning, this line was planned to be incorporated into a larger circular line network, ranging from Cikarang to Parung Panjang. This plan had to be postponed due to the economic crisis. This route only lasted until due to the very old rolling stock. Jaadwal line was also electrified in order to let trains from Jakarta Commuter Line service kgl through this line.

Before commercial areas emerged in Mangga Dua such as Harco Mangga Dua, the north gate was the main entrance to the station. Now the main entrance is at the south, aimed at Klr Dua. This station has elevated and ground-level tracks.

The elevated level tracks are used by trains between Jakarta Kota and Tanjung Priok, such as the Pink line. The ground tracks are used by trains going to Jatinegara such as the Yellow line. This station has been hit by floods numerous times.


The station is located near the Cihaliwung area and Cihaliwung traditional market, on the heart of the capital city of Western Bandung Regency, the Padalarang district. The station located on the western side of Bandung Cities, jadwao is the point where 2 railways route Jakarta – Cikampek – Padalarang and Jakarta – Bogor – Sukabumi – Padalarang merged. Destination The train station serves several economy class train both to the west side or to the east side, and also serves number of commuter train.

Trains that are accessed from this station: The station is located in the altitude of 5 meters above sea level. The architecture of Kramat Station is simple and modest, an example of small old train station with short partially unroofed platform.

Unduh Jadwal Terbaru KRL – Update 21 November 2017

Unlike elevated stations between Cikini and Mangga Besar, or newly renovated Palmerah station, Kramat station still retain its old form, a heritage from colonial Dutch East Indies period.

The station location is also quite secluded and not located by the main the road. Jakarta ; Indonesian pronunciation: It is located on the northwest coast of the world’s most populous island, Java.

It hosted a population of 10, as of It is the world’s second largest urban agglomeration after Tokyo with a population of 30, as of KA Departures Destinations This station was built in Rangkasbitung station is the main station of Banten.

This station has a small rail yard to keep passenger coaches and goods carriages. This yard also keeps locomotives from Jakarta which serve trains from Jakarta. All train services that pass this station stop in this station. Since 1 AprilKA Commuter Jabodetabek commenced operations from Tanahabang station to Rangkasbitung station, formerly terminating at Maja station.

Therefore, local services such as Kalimaya, Langsam and Rangkas Jaya, which terminate at Angke and Tanahabang stations, have stopped operations. Depok Station is a train station located in the city of Depok in West Java. The station is one of the oldest station in Jakarta Metropolitan Area area. At present it serves as a station of Jakarta Commuter Rail. Depok train depot is located to the southwest of the station. Pondok Ranji is one of two stations serving the Bintaro housing area, along with Jurangmangu, located about 2 kilometers southwest.

Trains and services The lines below are the lines that stop and serve in the Pondok Ranji station Green Line: This station serves commuter trains serving Jabodetabek area. The station is located at the elevation of 25 metres above sea level.

Unduh Jadwal Terbaru KRL – Update 21 November – KRL

Jurangmangu is one of two stations serving the Bintaro housing area, along with Pondok Ranji, located about 2 kilometers northeast. It is also located near the Bintaro XChange mall. Trains and services The lines below are the lines that stop and serve in the Jurangmangu station Green Line: Retrieved jawal December Retrieved 16 December