“Jacques Poulin is one of the finest and most underrated novelists in Quebec. Volkswagen Blues confirms his calibre as a writer, and may give him the. 1 The year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of Governor General’s Award-winner Jacques Poulin’s popular novel Volkswagen Blues. The novel Volkswagen Blues is a novel that was written by Jacques Poulin. It was originally published in French in , and was translated into English in

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You live in a country were road trips are possible. Jul 19, Sarah Sammis rated it it was amazing Shelves: Following the Oregon Trail was interesting, but there are some droll moments. In the novel Volkswagen Blues by Jacques Poulin, The forty year old protagonist with the pen poukin Jack Watermark experiences a bout of writer’s block so he sets out on a journey to find his brother who has been gone for twenty years.

You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. I recommend Poulin to anyone and this is not the least of his books. Amazon Kindle 0 editions.

Volkswagen Blues by Jacques Poulin

Metaphor for Quebec needing to stop looking backward Je me polin and figure out how to get along with others in the present? Comments 14 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback.

A year-old French-Canadian writer from Montreal set out to find his long lost brother, whom he had not seen for 20 years. It’s a wonderful road trip book with a little adventure, mystery, romance and history in the mix.

Volkswagen Blues

This is a book I will reread to savour again the company of the travellers. But one of my favorite instances is a romantic encounter where the protagonist view spoiler [ prematurely explodes when “The Grasshopper” attempts to ride him out in the open.


Glad you liked this one. For more help see the Common Knowledge help page.

There is one significant difference between the two that Poulin fails to signal, however. And maybe, that’s what makes the journey so worth it! This book is so full of love, simple love, but also history, hurt, disappointment and anger, too.

Indigeneity is essentialized here to represent the opposite of the civilized and modern European; Native peoples seem incapable of adapting; they are portrayed as capable of thriving only in nature — without modern conveniences such as electricity. Isn’t it what we ask from a book? I liked the style of writing. The same can be said of French for Native peoples in Quebec. An Insatiable Craving for Book… on. How have I missed On the Holloway Road?!

Everything falls into the habitual. Like Liked by 1 person. Lists with This Book. This reaction is particularly significant since the occupation of Alcatraz is such a powerful symbol of resistance and so significant an event in Aboriginal claims for justice and sovereignty.

Good book club book.

His companion for this journey is Le Grande Sauterelle Grasshopper girl, often just referred to as “The Girl”and her black kitten. The only trace he had was a year-old postcard from a small town in Quebec. Jack is looking for his brother, Theo, whose last postcard was fifteen years ago and La Grande Sauterelle needs to rec A deceptively simple fable about a man and a younger girl travelling across the NA continent.

The man is a Quebec writer, suffering writer’s block, whose nom de plume is Jack Waterman; his companion is Pitsemine, mostly known as La Grande Sauterelle, who travels with her cat, Chop Suey.

At the same time, La Grande Sauterelle, who is struggling with her own identity, presents another version of American history, as recounted by the natives, where “discovery” is viewed as “invasion. Ending moral is jafques predictable and not much though. In the real America, the icons are always less iconic up close, the people are always more complicated than you expect, and you can lose track of a person forever, even when you’re only a few miles apart.


I do still appreciate the references and allusions to other material. Oh, and Jack thinks that to hook a person into a book you have to start with a brilliant opening sentence: The only clue that Jacques Cartier has to find his brother is a postcard dated ten years ago. Not my cup of tea read it for college american literature english class.

U of California P, Volkswagen Blues is a road novelin the tradition of Jack Kerouacabout a middle-aged, formerly successful writer who has adopted the pen-name Jack Waterman a metonymy can play on Waterman pens and, as the novel begins, is experiencing a bout of writer’s block.

And although on second reading I certainly find it far less strange, it’s interesting that one of the two central characters in it says that people would see both of them as mad if they were expected to believe this story of a chase across volkssagen thirds of America following the thinnest and most unlikely leads to find a lost brother.

I liked the dispersed uacques of francophones throughout the continent.

I enjoyed the journey more than the conclusion I think, but then again, I need to ruminate for a bit. Pages to import images to Volkswageb Articles with French-language external links. Their quest involves a nostalgic search for traces of the colonial French presence in North America, but it reveals nothing concrete.