No reason for some of the races you couldn’t mix an unleashed career and a ikrpg career. Man at arms chieftain. Or is there something?. I tend to go with the IKRPG one as it lines up better with stuff like Greataxes from Unleashed. But then, I did my own redo of Nyss to not require. With all the cool new races/careers in Unleashed we were considering and themes of the Iron Kingdoms, and this issue bears directly on that.

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Gators could be very similar to circle, but then Kossk could be an aspect of The Devourer. For example, necromancy, in the setting, is really only seen within three groups, the Thamarites, Gatorman bokors and Cryx.

ARM 20 Gators, anyone? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. There was no reason to have an Iron Head and a Man-o-War. Dude, you’re still not getting it.

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

If you want a “generic” warlock my suspicion is that the Circle Warlock will most closely resemble that, as Circle warlocks bond with a ikrlg variety of beasts, as opposed to Trollkin and Trolls going together exlusively for example. Yeah, Circle might be as close to generic as you get. Both games use the same stats and the same rules, and certain careers are directly ported. Mechanically, it is no different.

Now, lets us be honest a gatorman won’t make a good spy or thief in the civilized lands. Bash, slice, and chomp your way unlewshed your foes, then use their broken bodies as a unleasbed snack to fuel your rampages or as ingredients for your primal magic. To a large extent, the wargame does portray the range of races and the unique careers available to those races.


Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Core Rules | Privateer Press

Other Warlock traditions are a little more focused. I also find the unleashed version better as if your not a Nyss it is going to make you pay a small price for running around with exotic weapons from another culture. Learning the rules has a steep curve. I really find it hard to make a good fighter with unleashed only that fits what I imagine.

In any game I run with this, I would say Circle would be the generic type of warlock and let you take over any beasts that made sense. I think the ‘norms’ should be separate and distinct from a true ‘restriction’ and is something just encouraged, not forced. They use the same system, but the careers and races are balanced different. Ed, Will and Doug really built a compelling case for the two game lines. At least, that’s how I’ve always understood it.

Most DnD party composition sounds like a bad joke. I mean, worst case scenario is that I’ve got some great material for NPC’s.

I’ll approach this with a little caution, but mixing and matching does seem like it makes the game a little more dynamic and interesting. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Subscribe Replies to my comments All comments. There is also always desertion, self-taught warcaster, iktpg private education if you’re from a noble family. My reccomendation is to figure out a logical way to make it work storywise rather than trying to balance it out.

Regardless, Lanz’s post about necromancers and pugilists is sort of a request for “setting neutral” careers, but I’m not seeing how it’s a bad thing. I don’t think their magic comes from menstruation, but rather from the blood of ritualistic combat murder. Why do I keep wanting to call the Ranger career ‘Scout’? My guess is that they decided that these three forms of necromancy are too far removed from each other to cover with Career Options. Chieftain, Brigand, Raptor and Warrior.


Is this a new revelation, or are you just noting and objecting to this setup? Kriel Champions and Slaughterhousers are careers the represent experience with particular military units. So yeah if your gm allows you to play a thamarite advocate you better keep all the necro stuff on the way down low. Human Circle Warlock with a pet Bull Unlexshed

We are using a mix of both books I will probably go with the unleashed version because it seems to be closer to the actual fluff. What about being a slaughterhouser makes it something only farrow can do? But apparently PP has doubled down on that sentiment. The pugilist is obviously designed flavorfully to represent a big tough character. It isn’t until you combine Pugilist and Stone Sorc that things start to get kind of silly.

In the Smogcon Unleashed sessions we were told that there are only two careers which transitioned directly from FMF to Unleashed without change.

unlezshed Unleashed adds a lot of careers that make sense for trollkin. If I can chime in: When two players sit down with nearly identical characters because they wanted a similar concept Ranged expert, melee power house, etcthey both lost a lot of enthusiasm as they realized they didn’t really make choices, but rather, the game made their choices for them, save for a stray skill point here or there.

Renaming a “close enough” part of the game to what you have in mind and using the rules portion of it unchanged is a great way to go. It could also be “pikeman” or any old thing like that.