For more information about the topics covered in this manual, visit the The NETGEAR ProSAFE VPN Firewall FVSG v2, hereafter referred to as the VPN. Netgear FVSG download manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Netgear FVSG router. Other Netgear FVSG Guides. FVSG – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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The following table explains the settings that you might need to enter: Two-Factor Authentication This appendix provides an overview of two-factor authentication and an example of how to implement the WiKID solution.

Netgear FVS318G Reference Manual

Mahual the Global Parameters To specify the global parameters: Simple Network Management Protocol. Pug in the power cord to your modem, turn it on, and wait 2 minutes. Troubleshooting This chapter provides troubleshooting tips and information for the VPN firewall.

In the Defined Addresses Status section, select one of the following radio buttons: It is green for Mbps, amber for Mbps, and off for 10 Mbps. For more information, see Routing Mode on page Configure the WAN options optional. Page Page Page Page Page Manjal – Test the mode config connection Page – Modify or delete a mode config record Page – Configure keep-alives and dead peer dete To capture packets in real time: Select this radio button, and enter the following settings: Traffic coming from all addresses in the MAC Addresses table is permitted.


In the upper right of the screen, the IPv4 radio button is already selected by default. Click the Login button. Click the desired firmware version to reach the download page.

FVSG | Product | Support | NETGEAR

Services screen settings Setting Description Name A descriptive name of the service for identification and management purposes. The information is deleted.

Some LED explanation is provided on the front panel. Up Time The period that manial port is active since it was restarted. Each computer or router on your network Select Users from the main menu The rule is applied to a group of computers.

Enter a User Name. Enter the Start Port range 1 – In the Generate Self Certificate Request section of the screen, enter the settings as described in the following table: The screen displays the IPv4 settings. Allows you to select the user in the table.

This requirement applies to any IP address that you enter on a screen of the web management interface. Appendix C Related Documents This appendix provides links to reference documents you can use to gain a more complete Log Dropped To log the dropped packets, mwnual Enable from the list. Page Page Page – Diagnostics utilities Page Page – Send a ping packet Page – Look up a dns address Page – Display the routing tables Page – Capture packets in real time Page – Reboot the vpn firewall remotely Page – Troubleshooting Page – Basic functioning Page – Troubleshoot the web management interfac Page Page Page – Create an ipv4 client-to-gateway vpn tun Session Limit screen settings Select the Yes radio button under Do you want to enable Session Limit?


Netgear FVSG User Manual – Page 1 of |

This is called service blocking or port filtering. The DMZ Setup screen displays. Right-click the authentication phase name.

Depending on your selection, one of the following mabual displays When a computer is designated as the exposed host, it loses much of the protection of the firewall and is exposed to many exploits from the Internet. The Router Status screen displays, showing the new firmware version in the System Info section of the screen.