Complete summary of Robert Greene’s Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. Analysis and discussion of characters in Robert Greene’s Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. “Friar Bacon & Friar Bungay”, a slightly creaking comedy, is now most noted for having anticipated television. One of Friar Bacon’s tricks (his namesake.

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Vagrant, go roam and range about the world, And perish as a vagabond on earth! Meanwhile we’ll see the knavery of the earl. But, Burden, tell me now, Think’st feiar that Bacon’s necromantic skill Cannot perform his head and wall of brass, When he can fetch thine hostess in such post!

I stand, my lord, amazed at his talk, How he discourseth of the constancy Of one surnam’d, for beauty’s excellence, The Fair Maid of merry Fressingfield. How fond the prime of wanton years were spent In love O, fie upon that fond conceit Whose hap and essence hangeth in the eye!

And yet, Master Doctor, To speak like a proctor, And tell unto you What is veriment and true; To cease of this quarrel, Look but on his apparel; Then mark but my talis, He is great Prince of Walis, The chief of our gegis, And filius regis: Why, Ned, I think the devil be in my sheath; I cannot get out my dagger.

What, hath the German acted more than thou? As in a trance I thought nor feared naught, Nor know I where or whither I was ta’en, Nor where I am nor what these persons be.


The poniard that did end their fatal lives, Shall break the cause efficiat of their woes.

I’ll hasten, Peggy, to make short return. In the Regent-house at Oxford, the Doctors, Burden, Mason, and Clement, discuss the preparations necessary for the ruyal visitors. Thy father’s hair, like to the silver blooms. Bacon ffriar Bungay was entered into the Stationers’ Register on 14 Mayand was published later that year in quarto by the bookseller Bungat White. I Strive in vain; but if my sword be shut Vacon conjur’d fast by magic in my sheath, Villain, here is my fist.

Then she’ll put thee into her chest and lay thee into lavender, and upon some good day she’ll put thee on; and at night when you go to bed, then being turned from a smock to a man, you may make up the match.

Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay

Margaret, farewell; another time shall serve. Ay, marry, hath it, thrice; but in all those three times it hath uttered but seven words. Candy shall yield the richest of her canes; Persia, down her Volga by canoes, Send down the secrets of her spicery. Before rich Europe’s worthies put thou forth The doubtful question unto Vandermast.

I warrant you, sir, as good Tully’s phrase as any is in Oxford.

Now, Miles, in thee rests Friar Bacon’s weal. Nay, look if he bacpn speak to me! What, dost thou taunt us with thy peasants’ fare, And give us cates fit for country swains?


BACON Miles, Thou knowst that I have dived into hell, And sought the darkest palaces of fiends; That with my magic spells great Belcephon Hath left his lodge and kneeled at my cell; The rafters of the earth rent from the poles, And three-form’d Frira hid her silver looks, Trembling upon her concave continent, When Bacon read upon his magic book.

Bungay and I have watch’d these friarr days, And now our vital spirits crave some rest. His bad servant Miles, haunted by Bacon’s conjured devils, gets a promise of a tapster’s job in Hell from one of them, and rides to perdition on the devil’s back.

Why, sir, it speaks but two words at a time. What art can work, the frolic friar knows; And therefore will I turn my magic books, And strain out necromancy to the deep. We are college-mates, Sworn brothers, as our fathers live as friends.

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What have you fit for breakfast? So surely shall this head of brass be fram’d. I know not what we did. Tell me, Ned Lacy, didst thou mark the maid, How lovely in her country weeds she look’d! How martial is the figure fgiar his face! Can Edward, then, sit by a flame and freeze, Whose heat puts Helen and fair Daphne down? Why looks my lord like to a troubled sky.

Then, gentle friar, tell us thy intent.