Vanda Barkowski is in the owner of a hot nightclub, she’s more unconventional than most of her fellow vampires, and if some think her a little out. . Forbidden Nights with a Vampire (Love at Stake, Book 7) This book was a pleasant trip back to the world of Roman Draganesti’s entourage. Forbidden Nights with a Vampire is standard fare reading – it’s enjoyable, it has a variety of characters (vampire, werewolf, mortal), and action here and there to.

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They struggle against their mutual attraction and unresolved hurt and resentments towards each other.

I had thought we were friends. Every time you touched me, I wanted to rip your little catsuit off and make you purr.

Forbidden Nights with a Vampire

To complicate matters further, Vanda does not know Phil is a Werewolf, and Phil, knowing her fear of werewolves, is afraid that she will not return his love, if she learns his secret. I truly loved his character in this series.

While the romantic moments were nice, and Phil was incredibly believable as a sexy alpha male, I did not find myself as enthralled by their romantic interludes as I have been with past novels by Kerrelyn Sparks. Everything was fairly even tempered throughout.


There was some romantic tension, threat of danger, secrets to overcome, and personal growth, but nothing ever seemed to reach a height of exceptional excitement. You see, with me, you made one big mistake.

I was never safe. Despite this not being my absolute favorite of the series, any time Vampirw get to spend an evening with this crew is a good time. Sparks has woven an intricate world of caring individuals that I am hugely fond of. Kerrelyn Sparksparanormal romanceshiftersvampires.

Book review: Kerrelyn Sparks’s *Forbidden Nights with a Vampire (Love at Stake, Book 7)*

I spxrks also reading Kelly Armstrong series. Thank you soooo much! Love the series, but this is my favorite. I am thnking od Bj Penn, the ufc star while reading this one book.

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I love this whole series and all the characters in it. I have read through book 9, and this book 7 with Phil and Vanda is one of my favorites and was very engaging to me.

Of course, as I am reading each book, it is my favorite, except for book 2, which I thought was a vampide slow, but it set the background for many things to follow and had kerreelyn wonderful moment.


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Nightx can also subscribe without commenting. Vampire Diaries news of the day Reader Confessions Where did they go? You were bored, and you tormented me for the fun of it. It was just a little harmless flirtation. I hate shape shifters.

Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

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