Fluidized bed drying is the optimal method for controlled, gentle and even drying of wet solids. The intensive heat/mass exchange of the fluidized bed product. VALIDATION OF FLUIDIZED BED PROCESSOR (MINI GLATT), Rathore Garvendra S, Gaur Ajay, Rathore Shashi, Shekhawat Madhu and Gupta Roop N. The Wurster HS processing insert, patented by Glatt in , provides significant improvements over conventional Wurster coating technologies through.

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Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceutical Products. Validation of pharmaceutical process equipment involves the following four sequential phases [7]:. It covers the initial validation of new processes, subsequent validation of modified processes and re-validation. The Wurster HS processing insert, patented by Glatt inprovides significant improvements over conventional Wurster coating technologies through increased productivity, high spray rates, increased yields and applications with fine particles.

Since the jet is located in the middle of the product flow and sprays evenly, premature evaporation of the carrier solution is prevented. World Health Organization,pp Get the latest articles from Pharmaceutical Online delivered to your inbox. IQ includes installation of equipment, piping, services, instrumentation checked to current engineering drawings and specifications, collection and collation of supplier operating and working instructions, calibration requirement and verification of materials of construction.

When coating using a solution or a suspension, the liquid serves to transport the solids to the surface of the particles.

Bottom spray – Glatt Integrated Process Solutions

Depending on requirements, the product proocessor can be influenced and enhanced. Test run of the equipment for wurster coating Bottom spray was done for both minimum and maximum load of the equipment using non peril seeds. No deviation was observed at any stage of qualification.

As gravity overcomes the force of the fluidized air, the particles fall back into the gllatt partition where they are suspended in a slow moving “down bed”.


The qualification protocol is the center of gravity of validation documentation process. A typical particle size is micrometers up to 3 millimeters. There are two basic approaches to the validation of the process itself apart from the qualification of equipment used in production, the calibration of control and ptocessor instruments, the evaluation of environmental factors, etc.

Fluid Bed Wurster HS Coating Systems from Glatt Air Techniques

If the inlet air temperature is too high, a surface crust will most likely form which will hamper or even prevent the moisture being transported from deeper layers to the outside. Customized for gatt needs. Consists gglatt peristaltic spray pump and spray gun with atomizing air connection. An equipment validation program can be described in four sequential phases: Properly used, fluidized bed drying provides an efficient solution for the gentle and even drying of your product.

Applications for the Wurster HS include: Fluidizes bed processor Mini Glatta component laboratory device uses the above principle and the equipment is designed to perform drying, granulation and coating wurster processafter a few changes over the machine tower for the relevant.

The drying process with fluidized bed drying reduces the drying time in the drying oven by approximately twenty times.

When a melt is used for coating, in contrast, the coating material is one-hundred percent spreadable. The aqueous or organic solution evaporates and the solids it contains form the coating layer.

All Published work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. This verifies that the system is repeatable and is consistently producing a quality product [9]. The purpose is to monitor the on-line and off-line performance of the manufacturing process and then validate it. The protocol is industry tool used to document the qualification process but it can take any form.

Spray coating in a fluidized bed system produces an optimal surface coating for your product through even application of a film material. Control of process parameters mostly physical. The concept of validation has expanded through the years to encompass a wide range of activities from analytical methods used for the quality control of drug substances and drug products, to equipments, facilities and process for the manufacture of drug substances and drug products to computerized systems for clinical trials, labeling or process control.


Validation is a concept that has been evolving continuously since its formal appearance in the United States in The experimental approach, which is applicable to both prospective and concurrent validation, may involve [10]:. It is the first element of the validation of new facilities, systems or equipment.

Drug Inf J, ; These are the experimental approach and the approach based on the analysis of historical procesosr. Aqueous or solvent based coatings Polymeric solutions or dispersions Sustained release coatings Enteric release coatings Fine particle coating Active Layering Pilot scale equipment is available at Glatt’s Ramsey New Jersey Process Development Laboratory for testing and customer inspection.

Processor of Mini Glatt fluidizes bed processor was prepared by a coordinated approach among production, quality assurance, and engineering department of Astron Research Ltd. Even after the manufacturing process is validated, current good manufacturing practice also requires that a well-written procedure for process controls is established to monitor its performance [11].

This is the requirement for the glstt application of the coating materials to the particles.


The design qualification complies with the requirements and was accepted. The method is suitable particularly for adding specific functions to particles — such as to achieve a defined and reproducible release profile for an active substance by way of the membrane applied. The operational qualification complies with the requirements lgatt was accepted. For some coating applications, a continuous process is also available.