Entradas sobre Burseraceae escritas por plantasdecolombia. Bursera simaruba – Burseraceae Búsqueda Rápida – Familia, género o especie. Buscar. Article: La familia Burseraceae en el estado de Aguascalientes, México. Add this to your Mendeley library Report an error. Summary; Details; MODS; BibTeX. Abstract. An account of the species of trees and shrubs of the family Burseraceae in the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico is presented. It includes a key for the.

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Botanical exploration and the number of botanical collections generated are both drastically down from the levels of activity ten years ago, and some high-profile but ill-conceived initiatives in Amazonia have proven to be expensive, ineffective in their geographic coverage, and wasteful in that they are producing large numbers of mostly useless sterile collections.

The latter three are frequently cited in the literature for their renowned importance. ProtiumCommiphoraBurseraand Canarium Burseradeae et al.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Finally, the namesakes of the family Boswellia carterii frankincense and Commiphora abyssinica myrrh are important economically and famliia in several parts of the world. Similarly, if the Amazonian Protium puncticulatum J.

These advances will further increase the value of well-studied plant groups as models for research on floristics, conservation, and speciation. Finally, the surprising number of Andean Protium species, most of them recently discovered and still undescribed, invite investigation as to whether colonization of montane habitats has occurred multiple times and relatively recently.

Well-supported phylogenies can be used to test hypotheses for a spectrum of issues, such as the origins and affinities of lineages, e.

Three additional groups of species merit similar investigations. Elsewhere, professors of botany have such heavy teaching loads that they have difficulty finding time to identify plants and conduct systematic research.


The Protieae are examined in more detail below. In central Amazonia, the family is strikingly important under both fakilia criteria. The University of Texas, Austin. The next divergence was in the Early Eocene when the Burserinae i. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of Commiphora Burseraceae yields insight on the evolution and historical biogeography of an “impossible” genus.

First, Dacryodes excelsa of the Canarieae is an important old-growth famiila found in the Caribbean. The Protieae are composed of Protium species and largest in this tribeCrepidospermum, Garugaand Tetragastris.

For example, Beiselia mexicana Forman was recently proposed to constitute a distinct tribe basal to the rest of the Burseraceae Thulin et al.

Burseraceae – Plantas de Colombia

World pollen and spore flora A Broader View of Amazonian Burseraceae Our rapidly improving understanding of Burseraceae systematics and biogeography, combined with the family’s diversity, ecological importance, and habitat specialization in the Amazon region, make it an excellent group for studying the Amazon flora.

Future burserwceae will quantify the level of gene flow that crosses habitat boundaries in order to directly test whether speciation-with-gene flow is occurring within P. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Frankincense, or olibanum, Boswellia carterii and myrrh Commiphora nurseraceae have long been valued for the aromatic resins they produce. Second, Bursera simaruba of the Burserinae is a fast-growing ornamental that is one of a few representatives of the primarily tropical family in the United States.

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A well-studied group can also be an excellent testing ground for new or under-utilized tools and independent data sets. Icicopsisan object of current revision, is both variable and repetitive vegetatively while the fruits rarely help; it is possible that hair types and surface features like lenticels will yield useful keys.


Bursereae subtribe Burserinae Bursera Commiphora myrrh.

Just as the family size in terms of genera and species differs according to the time period of the study, so, too, does its placement in the higher ranks. To maximize the utility of these studies, one must also have large numbers of specimens data-based and geo-referenced. Barriers to Progress The obstacles to progress in the study of the Burseraceae are those faced by all Amazonian botanists, but this does not make them faamilia less damaging nor bring them closer to resolution.

Eu – Icica excepted: In the Protieae, Fine et ubrseraceae.

Burseraceae – Wikipedia

Burseraceae in Eastern Amazonia and the Guianas. Preliminary study of the anti-inflammatory activity of hexane extract and fractions from Bursera simaruba Linneo Sarg. Finally, the species of Protium sect. Current Challenges in the Protieae Camilia issue that damilia be helped by molecular studies at infra- specific rank is the question of whether one or more clusters of names that have been synonymized are in fact complexes of closely related species; these include Protium decandrum Aubl.

Generic limits in Neotropical Protieae and Canarieae.

Burweraceae genetic evidence for interspecific hybridization among Hispaniolan Bursera Burseraceae. A Phylogenetic Approach 3rd ed.

Our results to date are compatible with the scenario of the Amazon flora as relatively young, with groups like the Burseraceae undergoing relatively recent and rapid speciation.