Archbishop Gustavo honors Lumen Gentium and Christifideles Laici award. 26 fev. Christifideles Laici (Aos Fiéis Leigos) Sobre a vocação e missão dos leigos na Igreja e no mundo. É UM DOCUMENTO POntifÍcio. ESCRITO. AL Amoris laetitia. BC Bishops’ Conference/Bishops’ Conferences. DC Deus caritas est. DP Preparatory Document. CL Christifideles laici. DV Vatican Dicastery.

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Furthermore, as the answers to the OLQ show, many young people are wondering how definitive decisions can be possible in a world where nothing seems to be stable, not even the distinction between true and false. Still another form, spiritual discernment, aims to recognize temptation so as to reject it and documennto on the path to fullness of life. Those who accompany the young might be men and women, religious and lay persons, couples; the community also plays a decisive role.

Mathematician’s delight sawyer pdf In a nutshell, this is what the young had to say: Non differunt verba, quae leguntur in ritibus Orientalibus circa unctionem infirmorum. Otherwise, they will ultimately turn elsewhere, especially at a time when there is no shortage of alternatives cf.

Instrumentum Laboris for the Synod

This generates the drive to engage in a deeper search for authenticity and vocation. Therefore, one of the urgent challenges that characterizes our age is how to present life decisions as ways to take responsibility for our own lives. Christian communities are invited to think more about these issues in their educational work and in the accompaniment of young people. This applies both to contexts where they are a minority and are exposed to violence and pressures from the majority that demands their conversion, and to highly secularized situations cf.

One young man spoke for many others when he replied as follows to the OLQ: It is an opportunity to learn to recognize, interpret and choose in a faith perspective, listening to what the Spirit suggests in our everyday lives cf.

He is a father whose heart is so big he does not exclude anyone and he wants to reintegrate everyone in his household at the same time. Accompaniment is learnt first of all by accepting to be accompanied. In theological terms, every wish, even the most sublime, is called to become embodied in a concrete and consistent choice, that is necessarily limited, opening the door to ascesis, without which there is no path to holiness and to the fullness of life.

Social and political engagement are a true vocation, at least for some people, whose maturation needs to be accompanied also from the spiritual standpoint.

Many BC are introducing, or are looking for, new ways to form young people for civil, social and political engagement, in particular by stimulating young people to participate, take responsibility and engage in dialogue with their peers. For He came to save all through means of Himself – all, I say, who through Him are born again to God – infants, and children, and boys, and youths, and old men.


Generally speaking, growing up in contexts of great violence is an obstacle to personal maturity, and this requires specific accompaniment and educational efforts, especially to rebuild relational skills and overcome past trauma. The theme of popular christifidelees is also worth mentioning which, in various contexts, provides young people with a preferred access to faith, both because it is linked to local culture and traditions, and also because it enhances the language of our body rocumento affections, which are elements that docuento have a hard time finding their way into the liturgy.

Along these lines, it would be appropriate to enhance the criteria provided by IE Quod attinet adunationes ad orandum, quae ad sanationes obtinendas convocantur si finis, quamvis non prevaleat, certe tamen momentum habuit in iisdem ordinandisopportunum est distinguere inter adunationes quae cum tali charismate coniungi possunt, et illas quae talem conexionem non habent.

Many BC, in different regions, voice great concern over the spread of various kinds of substance abuse and addiction amongst young — and even very young — people traditional and synthetic drugs, alcohol, gambling and Internet addicition, pornography, etc.

Also, the Holy Father highlighted eocumento the Church bases vocumento proposal of discernment that she extends to all people on a conviction of faith: Inter dolores, enim, ii qui morbos semper comitantur, sunt res semper praesentes in humani generis historia, et etiam materia sunt immensi desiderii, quo lwici cupit ut liberetur ab omnibus malis.

We need to focus on the features of this changed attitude towards religion, in order to interpret its causes and possible outcomes, identifying what opportunities it offers to the proclamation of the Gospel message and what risks or ambiguities it might generate. If, on the one hand, young people are keen to meet with other cultures, on the other hand they have a hard time dealing with differences, since they laaici from societies that employ very powerful immunization tools against diversities, even trying to deny, standardize or devalue them.

A first key question pertains to corporeality and its many facets.

Mathematician’s delight sawyer pdf

The wealth of material collected is remarkable. Ut adunationes spectare possint ad aliquod charisma, necessarium est ut ad efficaciam orationis emergat interventus unius vel plurium personarum, aut coetus conspicui, uti sunt, exempli gratia, moderatores qui adunationes convocaverunt. Ecclesiae Patres rem legitimam retinebant christifideles a Deo non solum salutem animae, sed etiam corporis postulare.

Regarding the connection between youth pastoral care and families, it will be important for the Synod documnto explore Chapter VII of Amoris Laetitiadedicated to the education of children, which deserves greater pastoral attention. People who work in the many social, educational and pastoral domains where accompaniment takes place, testify to how the chrisstifideles of the Creator is indelibly present in all the young, and the Spirit speaks to each one of them, even when they are not able or willing to recognize Him.

  AFI 36-2909 PDF

Developing the ability to engage in a sober conversation and dialogue with diversity is being hindered by this situation, and becomes a real educational challenge where the young are concerned.

Moral discernment, instead, distinguishes what is good from what is bad.

Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment

The first one is related to young people who serve in the armed forces or in law enforcement, who must be helped to take ownership of certain values and to integrate the dimension of service to the population that is implicit in their role, especially in particular circumstances peace missions, natural disasters, etc.

The Church has always realized that vocations to the ordained ministry are decisive for Christian life and for the salvation of all men and women. Considering that young people are more sensitive to experiences rather than concepts, and to relationships rather than notions, some BC mention that eucharistic celebrations and other ceremonies — which are often considered as points of xhristifideles — can provide a place and opportunity for a renewed initial proclamation to young people.

Several BC, as well as the PM, acknowledge the need to strongly tackle the issue of accompanying young people towards an open-eyed use of digital technology.

Thinking about preparation for marriage and the accompaniment of young couples seem to be the two strategic points on which pastoral energies should be invested. In this respect, it is helpful to recall the encounter between Jesus and the rich young man cf. Lastly, we should not neglect the importance of human and professional formation, and accompaniment, for the people who work in the prison system dodumento, psychologists, educators, etc.

Youth involvement often follows unprecedented paths, also by exploiting the potential of digital communication to achieve mobilization and political pressure: Quite often, young people shift between extreme and equally naive approaches: The quality of the ebook was excellent with the free account, but I love the ebook!

In reality, vocation is never a principle of alienation, but rather a hub that integrates all the dimensions of the person, and makes them fruitful: Music and the sharing of it trigger socialization processes.

With their presence and their words, young people can help rejuvenate the face of the Church.