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In that sequence and finishing the parliamentary debate that crossed several legislative years from the republican decrsto, it is approved the Decreeof 27 Novemberorganizing the Administration of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon.

In the words of Curry Cabral: Also at the level of the managing and administration model deceto the Hospitals, the years covered by this study follow the huge political, institutional and social instability occurred in the first third of the 20th century in Portugal.

That direction prepared a new reorganization of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon: On the other hand, none the less the increase of budget resources towards the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon, the 624-21 and insufficiencies were always a dominant tonic, as we underlined in different periods and as it was described by the hospital administrators themselves.

This nomination, which was legally valid fromis the last one in a long and evolution process which has its start inwhen the king John II establish the creation of the Decreyo Saints Royal Hospital, an institution similar to the great hospitals of the period in Europe and contemplating consultations for poor people and sections for mental patients and abandoned.


It should be helped by two assistants elected by the Brotherhood of the Mercy of Lisbon and deccreto assistants chosen by the Government. Des droits du vendeur de meubles, des revendications et des restitutions.

Atol Palmyra

Egli decide per ordinanza su richiesta. View Ideas submitted by the community. This administration was occupied by the general administrator, appointed as hospital matron, chosen by the Government in commission and as chairman of the Administration Office; by the assistant of the hospital matron, equally chosen by the Government in commission; by the secretary of the Administration Office, life nominated by the Government under propose of the hospital matron.

Le controversie relative alla nomina del rappresentante dei lavoratori sono sotto la giurisdizione del tribunale distrettuale che ha la decisione finale. View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. Questi divieti non sono applicabili al pagamento dei crediti alimentari.

I crediti alimentari non sono sottomessi alle disposizioni del presente articolo. Le funzioni di controllo sono gratuite. Amelia, Hospital Real de S. Profile last updated Nov 11, As we could also verify, the issue about the access of patients to the Hospitals, either to the external consultations, either the wards for future admission were an important question to the hospital responsible people.

The Civil Hospitals of Lisbon: In ogni caso, le dichiarazioni del Tesoro e della sicurezza sociale sono sempre fatte sotto riserva delle imposte e altri crediti non stabiliti il 264-12 della dichiarazione. Translation – Italian Articolo L. I diritti del congiunto Articolo L. Skip to main content. With the prevalence of liberalism in Portugal after which allowed the extinction of the religious orders, several convent infra-structures were vacated. Il rappresentante legale comunica al giudice e al pubblico ministero le osservazioni che gli vengono trasmesse in qualunque fase del procedimento dai controllori.


I termini della remunerazione del tecnico sono fissati per decreto in Consiglio di Stato.

This Hospital becomes an internment service and treatment of venereal, skin and syphilis diseases. As it was pointed out about the reform, the decreeto of a more effective selection and admission of patients in the Hospitals was an ambition to be accomplished.

La dichiarazione dei crediti deve essere fatta sebbene non venga stabilita da un titolo.

Help Center Find new research papers in: That circumstance maintained as a central worry of the hospital matrons and directors over the next years, as would be a common issue on the Medical Commission and Directive Commission sessions of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon It was under the rule of the War Office, being under supervision of the General Inspection of the Health Services of the Army, to military and health surveillance.

In caso contrario, l’articolo L. More translators and interpreters: Close and don’t show again Close.

Essi non possono quindi che competere per le distribuzioni successive a loro richiesta. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Il termine di dichiarazione decorre a partire dalla data di notifica di questo avviso.