Introduction to Creontiades pallidus: scientific and common names, protected status (red lists, regulations), biological status in France, historical and. Kerzhner I.M., Josifov M. – Family Miridae in Catalogue of the Heteroptera of the Palaearctic Region 3: Distribution. Overlays. Base Layer. The importance of Creontiades pallidus (Rambur) as a pest of cotton grown along the Euphrates river in Syria, was evaluated during to Cotton plants.

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Creontiades Creontiades rubrinervis Scientific classification Kingdom: Creontiades pallidus Wagner E: Phytocoris punctum Reuter B: Views Read Edit View history.

Name references found in Trove – NLA. Browse the list of datasets and find organisations you can join if you are interested in participating in a survey for species of Creontiades pallidus. Creontiades is a genus of plant bugs in the family Miridae.


There are at least 50 described species in Creontiades. Heteroptera, or true bugs of eastern North America, with especial reference to the faunas of Indiana and Florida. Creontiades pallidus Hoberlandt A: The Netherlands Entomological Society.

Creontiades pallidus

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Phytocoris pallidus Rambur A: Creontiades pallidus virens Wagner H: Creontiades pallidus Akingbohungbe A: Phytocoris punctum reuteriana Fairmaire A: Citations for this site should read: Creontiades pallidus Wagner G: Creontiades pallidus Schmitz A: Creontiades pallidus Lindberg B: Creontiades pallidus inferred accepted.

This page was last edited on 3 Mayat Creontiades pallidus Ribes Ceontiades Indigofera tinctoria Lindberg, B: Retrieved from ” https: Charts showing breakdown of occurrence records 0 records.

Hemiptera and their plant hosts”. Weirauch, Christiane; Seltmann, Katja C.

Percevejo // Alfalfa Plant Bug (Creontiades pallidus)

Creontiades pallidus Carvalho and Becker B: Creontiades pallidus Linnavuori B: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Biodiversity Heritage Library Trove. Creontiades Distant, Creontiades is a genus of plant bugs in the family Miridae.

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Home Australia’s Species Creontiades pallidus.

Creontiades pallidus (Rambur, ) – Overview

Catalogue of the Heteroptera of the Palaearctic Region, vol. Aukema, Berend; Rieger, Christian, eds. Creontiades pallidus Wagner C: