I remember IBM had produced a pdf a few years ago for Cognos 8 Report Studio with examples of MDX functions when building reports using. Summary: This tutorial introduces multidimensional expressions (MDX), a highly . OLAP Services supports MDX functions as a full language implementation. Introduction To MDX Functions For Cognos 8 Report Studio Product(s): Cognos 8 Area of Interest: Report Design. Introduction To MDX Functions For Cognos 8.

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Fortunately running and moving aggregates can be handled with purely dimensional functions.

End of Support for Rational Insight 1.1.0

Data Module created from Data Server with multiple connections should be able to use any connection Under Consideration with 3 votes. In Cognos you could write something like: So you should have two series in your graph, total actual within ckgnos periodstodate.

Sometimes you need to write a formula which should use either [Time]. Data source is cube and report type is crosstab.

Please ignore my above question.

An example query might be: Check out the report here: The moving difference can be calculated by finding the prevMember of the currentMember of the Date Hierarchy. For example, a set ufnctions months on the crosstab rows. Knowing this, how do you do a running-total in reverse? Available on eazyBI Cloud or starting from version 4. That would needlessly bloat the size of the cube, and may impact performance. This is essentially the same expression, with the parallelPeriod function wrapping the currentMember.

How can we get the query to have the rows?


Hi Paul, Could you please help me with the following requirement: I will keep posted if there are any other issues. It looks like you might be dragging the level into it. Say I selected Member 1. I am not an expert and this is just a suggession. Sign up using Facebook. Make sure you are putting the hierarchy into the currentMember function. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read cogmos updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

mdx – Using “Current Month” in a tuple in Cognos Report Studio – Stack Overflow

This content cannot be displayed without JavaScript. The next demand is to see the running total for the previous year. Sign up using Email and Password. Is there any way to do functiosn running-total using a year dimension with a seperate month dimension? Did I miss any important RFEs? This expression will return all cities which have non-empty sales amount: This site uses cookies. Save and close the report.

You have a peer underneath the A node which shows the total for A for each month.

When global variables were placed in the slicers, they functioned correctly and the mdx looked clean. For example, if it is June If a calculated member formula will be invalid then a corresponding error message will be displayed. You might want the running aggregate on one dimension but not another. The way around that is to create a new data item, call it Current Week: I tried using count,count distinct but none of them is giving me the correct result. Can u please suggest me some better idea to accomplish this.


The calculations will run during each report execution and be available alongside the stored members. A line graph that shows the running total of sales for the current and previous years.

So far January 1 the expression would appear as: One of the problems often faced when working with true dimensional sources as opposed to DMR which will not be discussed here, ever is working with dates.

OLAP | Paul’s Cognos Blog

The periodsToDate function will take the member and create a set of members starting with the first member in the specified level to the member being evaluated. Are you showing the months from Fiscal Period inside the rows of your crosstab? That being said, having a modern kit for customizing or creating our own visualizations would be awesome.

CurrentMember when creating e. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Register with the Cognoise forum here: Not the best work-around, but the only one I can think of.

This will only effect the prompt after the page has been loaded. I am not sure where which email thread to attach screenshot in cognoise.

In other, completely unrelated news, I will be selling opportunities for selfies with me in Think ! January 29, by CognosPaul Leave a comment.