Cobian Backup uses a simplified approach to backing up and restoring your . Manually, This will allow you to type out the path to the files or. Cobian Backup is an excellant free backup software for Windows. Read this review and tutorial to learn how to use Cobian Backup. This is a step-by-step guide on how to install the Cobian Backup software. Cobian is a simple file replication software that allows users to restore lost/ damaged.

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The program impersonates the user first, then it runs the before-backup events and then it reverts back the thread to start VSS.

The program will now install and when it has completed click on the Done button to finish the installation. If you are executing the backup program as the user A and want to back up the disc C: If then task 1 removes d: Xobian ask me to add this. Q- In the log file I see: I want my tasks to run simultaniously. If you wish to use this option, please select AES under the Encryption method drop down menu and then enter your decryption password.

If you select this option you will need to enter your FTP site login information in order for the program to access the files. Q- I would like to backup files that are open exclusively by another application. Only, don’t tell anybody else. Change your temporary directory bafkup zip files on the options dialog.

If you don’t find the answer to your questions there, post them in the forum and I will gladly try to help you. When the backup begins, the plugin will be executed and if the day of the week is Saturday OR Sunday can be configuredthe current backup will be backip.


The easiest one is to make IE your default browser temporarily then switch back to Firefox. If you have this or other similar software installed, you can backup directly onto your CD. To restore a file it is as simple as opening your backup folder in Windows Explorer, selecting the backup that you wish to restore from, and copying the file out of the folder.

Could you add the backup type to the file names? Does Cobian Backup work in Windows 8 and 10?

Cobian Backup – An Excellent Free Backup Software for Windows

If you don’t like it, just disable it. Cobian Backup uses a simplified approach to backing up and restoring your data consisting of backup folders, optionally compressed archives, and restoring your files through standard Windows file manipulation methods.

To make it work directly before the impersonation occurs, a complete re-design of the program would be necesary. Cobian Backup 4 version 4. Try putting the FTP transfers into Passive mode when performing transfers and cobiaj listings. This way, you can know which backup is which, in case of disaster. The New Task dialog should appear as shown below.

And sure it seems logical that the almighty Administrator should manuual access to all files, but… that is not necessarily true.

In this version, only lists that have been created by versions 6,7 and 8 can be imported. You are running the program as a service.

Next, set up pre-backup Events like launch an application, close programs etc. Click to leave some backu with PayPal! Q – I want to exclude a subdirectory from several folders. But I’ll tell you a secret. However, the program will create the directory for you and the backup will go on. Do you need Cobian Backup?


Cobian Backup : Review, Tutorial, Free Download

The program uses the archive bit of the manul attribute to decide if the file has been changed and there is a need to backup the file. I was searching for a good backup program that is a freeware and stumbled up on Cobian Backup.

Change the username for the service to match your username. The default policy in some Windows versions is that a service cannot be started with an empty password. Cobian Backup doesn’t use any proprietary format and doesn’t need a special recovery function. Which command line arguments can I use with Cobian Backup? Q- When I want to install the program, I get an error that says that the files could not be unzipped or that the resource file could not be extracted.

Please, read also the document Backup theory to learn about backups, permissions, etc.

Cobian Backup – FAQ

Until you become more familiar with the program we suggest you select the Incremental backup type setting. OR it could be that the server is down. Do I need to backup all my systems files or only my data? Used to decompress files recursivelly when the option “Compress files individually” has been checked.