Carmina Priapea IntraText: testo integrale, concordanze e liste di frequenza – The IntraText Carmina Priapea: full text, concordances and frequency lists. [9] Within the large Priapea collection Carmina Priapea, the poems are ordered so as to lead to Priapus experiencing sexual problems and. Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Poetics Of The ‘carmina Priapea’ | This dissertation is on the Carmina Priapea (CP). The CP is a collection of 80 Latin.

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Quicumque hic violam rosamve carpet furtivumve holus aut inempta poma, defectus pueroque feminaque hac tentigine, quam videtis in me, rumpatur, precor, usque mentulaque nequiquam sibi pulset umbilicum. Then two shall approach, who stand guard at each side, nobly provided with pensile property.

Pliny supports this statement. Not counting the last few poems, which seem not to be part of the original collection, the Priapeia consists of 80 epigrams average length 6 to 8 lines mainly written in either hendecasyllables or elegiac coupletswith a few also in scazons.

Know that this crass coarse yard nor lengthens nor stands as becomes it; Though an thou handle the same unto fair growth will it grow. The home reader will no longer put up with the careless caricatures of classical chefs d’oeuvre which satisfied his old-fashioned predecessor.

Quicumque nostram fur fefellerit curam, effeminato verminet procul culo; quaeque hic proterva carpserit manu poma puella, nullum reperiat fututorem.

As Priapus had many attributes in common with other gods of fertility, the Orphics identified him with their mystic Dionysus, Hermes, Helios and others. Hither a damsel I had almost added her name is wont to come with her futterer: Priapus means that sexual love was the cause of the Trojan War. The statue is evidently placed by the roadside, and holds a stick in its hand to point out the way to travellers.

Priapeum non est: A Reconsideration of Poem 61 in the Carmina Priapea

Hence, applied to Priapus, who was represented with an erect member. However, she thought the distinction of value, for she preserved it more carefully than Jove’s other gift. The story is very prettily told by Aristaenetus.

Licet querare, nec tibi tener puer patebit ullus, imminente qui toro iuvante verset arte mobilem natem, puella carjina iocosa te levi manu fovebit apprimetve lucidum femur. Icarus, the father of Erigone, having been slain by some intoxicated shepherds, his dog Maera, returning home, drew his daughter by her robe to where her father lay. Therefore, were the thieves to steal Priapus’s phallus, which was often used as a cudgel against garden robbers, he would become a Gallus. Neither do my branches yield an excellent mulberry, the oblong nut, hight filbert, nor the almond bright with purple blossom.


For, as you perceive, since I received the first of cruel Cupid’s arrows buried in my very vitals I have been intent upon the contest, now eagerly approaching, which carmmina had proclaimed for us, without the intervention of a herald. The shape of the mentule is not strikingly apparent at first sight, but the top and bottom strokes of the letter E may be taken as forming the testicles, whilst the middle stroke of the E, continued by the dash thus E- represents the mentule itself.

It is said that within twenty hours she surpassed the above-named courtesan by twenty-five ‘rides’. Putting aside conventionalities, the translators have endeavoured carmnia produce a faithful reflection of the original Latin, shirking no passages, but rendering all the formidably plain-spoken praipea in a translation as close as prjapea idioms of the two languages allow. It gained its topical meaning from a custom practised by the ancients of hanging a Phallus round the neck of children as a charm carmjna preventive against witchcraft, and hence the word became synonymous with penis.

Herodotus under Clio states that the women of Lydia prostituted themselves to obtain their marriage portion, and that it was a custom amongst the Babylonians that every woman should once in her life prostitute herself at the temple of Venus to a stranger.

In these festivals, the Phallus played a prominent part, and was publicly exhibited.

Priapea (Carmina Priapea) – Brill Reference

Add to this, that the unskilled hands of a rustic have chopped me, the awe-inspiring god with a cudgel, and that, amongst all the gods the lowest deity, I am called the wooden guardian of gourds.

This seems to have been a customary practice amongst the lower classes of women. The male member– mentula. Thrust into by my twelve-inch I pole, thou shalt be so stretched that thou wilt drink thy anus never had any wrinkles.

Survivals of this worship may be seen in our maypole, the steeple, the ecclesiastical cross, etc. The statue was so badly carved that the sculptor had to explain what his work was intended to represent.

But, lest I perish from senile decay, pray ye desist from such diligence, nor place a fibula on Priapus. How Priaepa be futtered-out yourselves espy Used-up, bejaded, lean and pallid grown, Who crmina ruddy, in my doughtiness wont To kill with poking thieves however doughty.

The fig tree here is no better than my neighbour is, nor are the grapes such as golden-haired Arete[1] gathered; nor are the apples meet to carmona the produce of the trees of Picenum. Licebit hoc inultus auferas semel, sed ille cum redibit aureus puer, simul sonante senseris iter pede, rigente nervos excubet libidine, et inquietus inguina arrigat tumor, neque incitare cesset usque dum mihi venus iocosa molle ruperit latus.


All of which, though enclosed within my hedgerow, grow with no sparser measure in the neighbouring garden, which having left, ye come to the place which I cultivate, O most vile thieves.

Assuming that all the poems are by a single author, then the whole collection can be dated to the time of Nero or later. Nor will any modern versionist relegate to a footnote, as is the malpractice of his banal brotherhood, the striking and often startling phases of the foreign author’s phraseology and priapra the text with well-worn and commonplace English equivalents, thus doing the clean reverse of what he should do.

Carmina Priapea – Table of Contents – IntraText CT

O Damsel, no fairer-skinned than the Moor, but limper than any catamite, briefer in stature than the Pygmies timorous of the crane, harsher in aspect and shaggier than a she-bear, roomier [in thy vulva] than the trousers of the Medes and Indians, thou mayst tarry here or depart prispea thy will. It needs no augur, because the girl’s kisses have put the spear although it is only wooden into such a state of erection as self-evidently shows its willingness to swive her.

It was usually shaped from fig-tree wood, dry oak or cypress; sometimes of marble or even of wheaten dough. Flagellation, so extensively practised in England as a provocative to venery, is almost entirely unnoticed by the Latin erotic writers; although priapae the Satyricon of Petronius, Encolpius, in describing the steps taken by Oenothea to undo the temporary impotence to which he was subjected, says, ‘Next she mixed nasturtium juice with southernwood, and having bathed my foreparts, she took a bunch of green nettles, and gently whipped my belly all over below the navel.

Look at my bow! On the other side is a woman, also wearing a wreath, and dressed in a yellow tunic with green drapery; she holds in her prizpea hand a golden dish and in her right a vase and she appears to be bringing an offering of milk:.

The principal Archon presided over diem, and the priests who celebrated the religious rites occupied the first places in the theatre and in the public assemblies.