Fran Drescher’s Master Class Health Summit is a mind-expanding. The Official Store for the Cancer Schmancer Movement. We can’t thank you. Before you use them AROUND your home, check here. Type in the name of.

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Not saying cancer is easy, just saying that she only knew she had it for a week, had one surgery and she was cured. Fran talks about how she went undiagonsed for two years and her encounters with Eleven different doctors. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Acncer definitely think this is a book for any fran drescher fan to read. One interesting thing is scbmancer had cancer for two years before being diagnosed, to my months, and it was still stage one.

Very honest and inspiring. I love Fran Drescher. Open Preview See a Problem?

I didn’t expect the sudden maturity and growth evident in Cancer Schmancer’s author. If you like her on TV, you will love her in print. In a very “tell it like it is” style, she shares the long painful path to being diagnosed, as well as what she went through in her personal and professional life.

Cancer Schmancer

I understand that her battle was hers and no one elses but part of the book made her seem like a martyr when, all things considered, she had it pretty easy since she never had to do chemo, radiation, reconstruction, or some of the worst things cancer has to offer. Try seven “second” opinions.


It felt like schancer was talking to you personally I felt that this book was very engaging. Sep 30, Christina rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: She also name drops like crazy and spends a lot of time on how hard it is to be a celebrity with cancer.

Published November 1st by Warner Books first published I wish I could give it three and a half stars because it’s better than “just ok” but not quite schmsncer of 4 stars. My best guess is a funny way of saying No? Nov 07, Elyse rated it liked it. She describes her symptoms and how hard it was to get a correct diagnosis and treatment.

I want to know what happens next! When I did watch it, I did so because Fran was such a cutie. Cancer is most easily treated when it’s in stage one of its growth, but during this stage its symptoms are often mistaken for far more benign illnesses.

Do you know that many women who have hysterctomies also cncer their appendix removed at the same time without prior knowledge?

I can understand how this would annoy some I noticed that Cancer Schmancer was an improvement from Enter Whining, Drescher’s first memoir, published only a few years before. Loved her view on things and appreciate all she went cancet to find her diagnosis. This book is not so much about explaining ovarian cancer as about sharing what it feels like to go through getting diagnosed with it and living with it.

Cancer Schmancer by Fran Drescher

Not everyone’s so lucky Everything that goes wrong in her life, it’s her parents’ fault; after all, she spent 3 years in therapy and that’s how she figured it out. I noticed that Cancer Schmancer was an improvement from Enter Whining, Drescher’s first memoir, published only a few years before.


Illness is the great equalizer. She also found out that an estrogen patch was common for her type of hysterectomy, but was able to alert the doctor that it had been put in the wrong place. Sometimes her emotions are raw and irrational, but who could remain rational with that misdiagnosis? The real “Nanny” well written Fran had her struggles. T rated it did not like it. Mar 01, Carol Covin rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m a sucker for celebrity biographies and autobiographies.

I really liked Fran Drescher in The Nanny and was excited to start this book. I got famous, I got cancer, and I lived to talk about it. Imagine her with my voice. That’s not because the technology doesn’t exist; the transvaginal ultrasound is much more thorough. Fran Drescher did not disappoint with Cancer Schmancer.

The doctors make mistakes, so you need to learn about the symptoms and decease that might cause it, to make sure the doctors get it right’, to make it short. She talks about being a baby and selfish and lets it all hang out, which is one reason why I loved this book.