Buzurgan-Fao oil pipeline is an existing oil pipeline, running from Buzurgan The pipeline runs from Buzurgan oilfield, Maysan governorate. The Missan Oil Fields comprise the Abu Ghirab, Buzurgan and Fuqua oil fields, which are located in the southeastern province of Missan. The Maysan oil fields (also known as the Missan Oil Fields) are a city and include Abu Ghirab, Jabal Fauqi (Fakka) and Buzurgan oil fields.

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Four additional rigs are on stand – by and it is expected that they will start drilling in Q1 2 0 A study based on some key well data scattered in the southern Mesopotamian Basin in Iraq shows the Mishrif play includes rudist-bearing shoals and biostromal carbonate reservoirs with thickness may reach m and the thickest area is nearby the Missan.

The maps generated by CNOOC are generally reasonable and were used for estimating gross rock volumes together with the defined oil water contacts from the well data. Cumulative production to end December2 0 11 was MMstb, which represents 9. It should be noted that these estimates only consider the Rehabilitation Phase and do not include volumes to be produced from the Enhanced Redevelopment Plan, which is currently still undefined.

In line with the foregoing, the statement of reserves, presented herein, is based on a program that is expected to be superseded buzyrgan the redevelopment activities proposed under the ERP to be submitted by 20 th December, Buzurgan Oil Production History.

This had little effect on the matrix porosity measurements in these wells, which, compared to GCA and core datawere in good agreement; though neither the client nor the GCA porosity models fjeld adequately capture the occasional higher fracture porosity seen in the cores.

The production from all the Missan fields was shut down between October, and June, during the Iran-Iraq War; production was again shut-in for a period in during the Gulf Buxurgan. Frequentlythis will be in areas where geoscience and engineering data are unable to define clearly the area and vertical limits of commercial production from the reservoir by a defined project.

As ofthe Maysan fields were producing at a level of 90, bpd.

When deterministic methods are used, it is as likely as not that actual remaining quantities recovered will exceed the sum of estimated proved plus probable reserves. Howeverthe client interpreted sandier limestones in wells AG – 10 and FQ – 1 0than indicated by the core descriptions.

The NPVs were calculated on the basis of SEC guidelines under which the economic cut-offs were applied using constant costs and prices. The area identified by drilling and limited by fluid contacts fleld, if anyand. Together with bitumens, a part of this sulfur was delivered to pools of the main productive fields and oils of these fields are enriched in sulfur.


GCA has buzurgn not taken such factors into account in deriving fiwld reference NPVs presented herein. Company Profiles Current Company Profiles: Reservoir and Fluid Properties. Specific purposes of service wells include gas injectionwater injectionsteam injection, air injectionsalt – water disposalwater supply for injectionobservationor injection for in – situ combustion.

These cut-offs are considered to be reasonable for a matrix porosity system. Wells are producing on natural flowing mode. Missan Field Seismic Database.

A list of commonly used terms in the oil and gas industry. The project to extract the hydrocarbons must have commenced or the operator must be reasonably certain that it will commence the project within a reasonable time. Acquireconstructand install production facilities such as lease flow lines, separators, treatersheatersmanifoldsmeasuring devices, and production storage tanksnatural gas cycling and processing plantsand central utility and waste buurgan systems.

The contract formally came into force on 20 th December, Reliable technology is a grouping of one or more technologies including computational methods that has been field tested and has been demonstrated to provide reasonably certain results with consistency and repeatability in the formation being evaluated or in an analogous formation.

Some support equipment or facilities may serve two or more oil and gas producing. The geological terms “structural feature” and “stratigraphic condition” are intended to identify localized geological features as opposed to the broader terms of basins, trends, provincesplays, areas – of-interestetc.

Proved oil and gas reserves are those quantities of oil buzudgan gaswhich, by analysis of geoscience and engineering datacan be estimated with reasonable certainty to be economically producible—from a given date forward, from known reservoirs, and under existing guzurgan conditions, operating methods, and government regulations—prior oi the time at which contracts providing the right to operate expire, unless evidence indicates that renewal is reasonably certain, regardless of whether deterministic or probabilistic methods are used for the estimation.

The terms of the TSC are summarised below: Totals may not compute exactly due to rounding errors. The most significant differences between the original and the updated versions of the Rehabilitation Plan are the withdrawal of 9 planned injector wells, resulting in all new wells planned being producersand the reduction of planned well interventions from 1 0 8 to If unusual physical or operational circumstances existit may be appropriate to regard the terminal point for the production function as: Portions of the reservoir that do not meet this reasonable certainty criterion may be assigned as probable and possible oil or gas based on reservoir fluid properties and pressure gradient interpretations.

To the extent that the support equipment and facilities are used buzuurgan oil and gas producing activities, their depreciation and applicable pil costs become explorationdevelopment or production costsas appropriate. Probable reserves are those additional reserves that are less certain to be recovered than proved reserves but which, together with proved reserves, are as likely as not to be recovered.


The economic cut offs were applied following Economic Limit Tests ELTs using costs and prices which ubzurgan un-escalated oiil the period of calculation. Through installed extraction equipment and infrastructure operational at the time of the reserves estimate if the extraction is by means firld involving a well.

The average oil flowrate for the four wells drilled in the Buzurgan Field in 2 0 11 was around 18 0 0 bopdfoeld three of the four wells flowing between 20 0 0 and 2, bopd. DuringCNOOC has commenced operations under the Rehabilitation Plan but progress has been slower than expected with only 7 new wells drilled buzurga no workovers or stimulation operations completed.

Iraq: CNOOC close to signing Missan oil field deal

The first is appraisal work, including 3D seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation, appraisal well drilling, and geological and engineering studies. Costs incurred to purchase, lease or otherwise fiwld a propertyincluding costs of lease bonuses and options to purchase or lease properties dield, the portion of costs applicable to minerals when land including mineral rights is purchased in fee, brokers’ fees, recording fees, legal costsand other costs incurred in acquiring properties.

Daily Newsletter Advertise Contact. There may be two or more reservoirs in a field which are separated vertically by intervening impervious strataor laterally by local geologic barriersor by both.

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Fauqi Oil Production History. The most important selection criteria however was that at least one well from each field must have core data in order to ground – truth the petrophysical models. The term economically producible, as it relates to a resource, means a resource which generates revenue that exceeds, or is reasonably expected to exceed, the costs of the operation. The structural trends of the Missan are much coincidence with those in the Dezful Embayment.

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Full field decline rates for the field could not be interpreted due to the lack of clear decline production trends at this stage. Oik probable existence of high permeability streaks throughout the fracture system that would allow water to prematurely reach some wells. Generally speakingthe Asmari Formation has better reservoir characteristics with permeability up to 1 Dbut it is stratigraphically and dynamically more complex oio, with multiple flow units and oil-water contacts.

The fields resumed production inbut their productions were interrupted for a while in 2 0 0 3.

Oil and Gas Fields: