When using the Brother SmartUI, the Preview Fax feature may not work. SOLUTION: This issue is resolved in the PaperPort Service Pack. COPIES 5 – 14 Brother SmartUI Control Center. (For Windows® XP). 1. Scan directly to a file, E- mail, word processor or graphics application of your choice. 2. Using the Brother Control Center on page □ For Windows® XP, see Using the Windows® XP-Based. Brother SmartUI Control Center on page

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To change the other configuration options click the Link Preferences button.

Unable to launch the Brother SmartUI after upgrading from PaperPort to PaperPort 9

How does the information on this page help you? Reproduction, adaptation or translation without prior written permission is prohibited, More information.

Table of Contents 2. With this box unchecked each scanned page will be saved in its own individual file.

Brother SmartUI – – Program Information

Color Scanning may not be support by your specific model MFC. The Centres don t all More information.

Custom buttons allow you to configure a button to meet you own application requirements. Scanning This chapter includes: By keeping emails archived, the quota will never be met More information.

If you need more customized setup, click on the Options button. On the General tab you will find the amount of memory installed on the computer at the bottom of the window. List of demo items: The Copy Section contains four buttons for N to 1 copying. Reproduction, adaptation or translation without prior written permission is prohibited. Before operating the scanner, please More information.


Understanding what a bitmap is A bitmap is a picture composed More information. Windows Vista Installation Guide Before you can use the machine, you must set up the hardware and install the driver. Please note this form is used for feedback only. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Using the Windows -Based Brother SmartUI Control Center For PaperPort 8.0 and Windows XP

Microsoft Paint The Scan to Graphics Applications allows you to scan an image so you can edit the image. Remove the My PaperPort Documents folder from the computer: You can select the application from the File Type window according to your needs. You can broter select the destination word processor and file format for the editable text. You will also learn some of Adobe s collaborative functions.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Millennium Learning Centres How to scan documents you want to edit Millennium Learning Centres How to scan documents you want to edit At some of the Millennium Learning Centres you can use a scanner to save a copy of a document that you can edit. System Requirements Xmartui section describes the resources you will need on your computer and how to configure your system to use venture.

Select the Configuration tab and from the Application pull down menu select a different application. All documents and image itemsclick this checkbox if you want to convert all scanned images to the same file type. Select the Scan Action Select the type of scan by clicking the appropriate button.

To help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below. This setting allows you to save a scanned image to any directory on local or network hard disk.


To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The mail icon could be found inside a folder More information.

To configure a Custom Button right click on the button and then click Configuration. How to Turn Off Auto Load 1. Click on Link Preferences to set the Send to options. If you need assistance, please call our friendly technical More information.

Select the Paper Size, Paper Smarui. Please check the specifications for your specific model MFC. Please check the specifications for your particular model MFC.

Customizing a User Defined Button To configure a Custom button right click on the button and then click Configuration. This Quick Start document contains. You can also select the file type for the attachment and create a quick send list of addresses chosen from your default address book.

To change the default application or attachment file type right click on the button and select Configuration. Start display at page:. This will allow you to create an icon brotyer easy access to your virtual desktop. July Penpower Technology Ltd.

Resolution, Paper Size and Brightness and Contrast settings. What can I do? Remove the PaperPort icon from the Printers and Faxes folder: