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It appears that that was the actual state ofthe society when Puranas were written, though they prophesise it as a future state of society. There were five kings in brahmadna dynasty as follows: It behoves you to ask questions on any topic which you desire to know. Hindu Culture in Historical Perspective: Parasurama’s eulogy of Radha Op.

Full text of “Brahmanda Purana”

Deva “AV— to play 1. Uma, Siva’s spouse felt insulted and straightway urged Siva to seek residence elsewhere. Origin ofthe Linga-image of Siva Lord Brahma recounted to Vasistha’, the entire Purana that is on a par with the Vedas and the main theme of which is the real state ofthe universe. One wonders why Vasistha did not transmit this Purana directly to his son Sakti and Why fifteen generations of teachers or contemporary teachers had to intervene between the father Vasisfha and the son Sakti.

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It has the efficacy of according auspiciousness as well as inauspiciousness to the subjects. brahjanda

Sri Brahmanda Puranam

Race ofAgni Parasurama de- parts and in his absence sons of Karttavlrya kill Jamadagni and Renuka too dies heart-broken. Thereafter, the birth of subjects ofthe two types of Pitrs in Svadha is also mentioned. The author of Bd. Parasurama accompanies them and requests the Sea-god to recede and vacate the holy place Gokarna.

Strangely enough, this yuga-theory is limited to Bharata-varsa. Another miracle attributed to Siva tdlugu the drinking of Halahala poison which emerged while churning the milky ocean. That being the situation, O excellent Brahmanas I shall recount whatever is possible for me.

Krsna blessed him with success in his mission to kill Sahasrarjuna who is an incarnation of his disc Sudarsana and the slaughter of Ksattriyas. The enclosure of the Tejas by the gaseous element.

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Romaharsana commences his narration by describing the creation ofthe universe Bd. In his desperation the king destroyed the shrine ofNikumbha-Ganesa.

SatI immolates herself in Yogic fire. Alankdras are to be spoken of along with the Varnas move- ments ofnotes such ‘steady’, ‘ascending’ etc. The Brahmanda Purana is one of the oldest Puranas, but estimates for brahmanxa composition of its earliest core vary widely.

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In the context of Manvantaras, Time with its units is recounted in detail. It is the source of the world.

The whole chapter ibid 33 is Tantric. Priyavrata, Brah,anda as well as that of the auspicious Prasiiti and Akrti Akiiti. Rudra and Daksa mutually curse each other.

But they disclose the names of two ancient authors on Music. II Pradyota Dynasty Op. Maharaja Pravara- Sena I death circa A. This is the Twenty-second volume in the series which we have planned on Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology. Avoid retaliating, it is the way to Moksha. Siva, disguised as a hunter tests Parasurama and is satisfied.

Man has to learn that pursna before he discovers that truth. Those who had rid themselves ofsins and are well established themselves in the three worlds are glorified. People in Candramas also will kill each other, Gotra. As I have discussed these topics in details in my annotations giving cross references to various works on Dharma Sastra I do not repeat them here.

Some of tiie details of the Sraddha ritual Sraddha Kalpa in Bd. When he yawned, a javeline Sakti came out of his mouth.