The Bio-INTRAFIX screw and sheath are molded from a composite of PLA and osteoconductive TCP (Tricalcium Phosphate) TCP provides the. ACL reconstruction using femoral Rigid-fix and tibial Bio-intrafix devices. Singh R (1), Tripathy SK(2), Naik MA(1), Sujir P(1), Rao SK(1). Hamstring graft fixation using femoral Rigid-fix and tibial Bio-intrafix devices provide secure graft fixation and allows aggressive rehabilitation.

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Similarly, the mean anterior translation of tibia improved from 7. Please review our privacy policy. Our observation of ACL reconstruction using hamstring graft with femoral Rigid-fix and tibial Intrafix techniques were outstanding. Lysholm scores in the preoperative and follow up period were Normally, full range of motion and weight bearing was achieved at 12 weeks of surgery. Certain technical tricks definitely helped us in avoiding intraoperative hurdles.

Confirmation of pin placement at the centre of the tunnel with a guide pin. An early rehabilitation could be initiated in all patients because of minimal donor site morbidity and secure graft fixation. No returns will be accepted after the 15 day time frame.

Rating systems in the evaluation of knee ligament injuries. Knee Surg Relat Res. Similarly, the mean anterior translation of tibia improved from 7.

ACL reconstruction using femoral Rigid-fix and tibial Bio-intrafix devices

The mean of differences of IKDC preoperative-postoperative, Lysholm preoperative-postoperative and KT preoperative-postoperative were statistically analysed to look whether there was really any difference or not. Everything we sell is “as-is” with no warranty of any kind. Postoperatively, the knee was stabilized for three days by a zero-degree splint.

J Bone Ibo Surg Br. These fixation devices securely fix the graft to the tunnels till biological fixation has occurred and allows aggressive rehabilitation. This score improved to If you are not licensed to purchase a regulated item then please do not bid on that item or use the Buy it Now feature if offered.


The sleeves of the Rigidfix frame should be at the center intrsfix the lateral femoral condyle. Graft fixation in cruciate ligament reconstruction. In anterior cruciate ligament ACL reconstruction, hamstring tendon grafts are replacing the popular bone-patellar tendon bone grafts that have been associated with femoro-tibial joint pain, loss of extension, and patellar tendon rupture.

Support Center Support Center.

DePuy Mitek 7-8mm Bio-Intrafix Small Sheath Trial

J Clin Orthop Trauma. After complete clinical and radiological evaluation, patients were arthroscopically treated with ACL reconstruction using hamstring graft.

If the item is subject to FDA regulation, I will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item. The graft was then pulled through and it was secured in the femoral tunnel with bio-absorbable femoral ST cross pin Depuy, Mitek, Fig. Currently, different fixation devices are being used in clinical settings. The guide pin passes exactly at the center of the femoral tunnel. The femoral rigid-fix cross-pin and tibial bio-intrafix fixations are technically simple kntrafix reproducible.

Patients were allowed partial weight bearing with walking crutches immediately after surgery. Principles for using hamstring tendons for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Results None of the patients complained of instability, joint swelling or severe pain in the postoperative period. Similarly, ligamentous stability as measured by KT showed significant improvement after ACL reconstruction. Tibial tunnel widening after anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions with hamstring tendons using Rigidfix femoral fixation and Intrafix tibial fixation.


Bil correlation coefficient of preoperative and postoperative KT was 0. Then the femoral guide wire was removed and the 3.

Ligamentous laxity as measured with KT also showed significant improvement with postoperative laxity of 3. Preoperative evaluation included history, clinical examination, ligamentous laxity measurement using KT arthrometer, radiographs and magnetic resonance imaging of the knee joint.

ACL reconstruction using femoral Rigid-fix and tibial Bio-intrafix devices

Nevertheless, the treatment results depend on the press-fit of the graft, bone density around the femoral tunnel, and correct placement of the cross pins through the graft tendon.

Donor localization morbidity was markedly reduced and they had no complications. None of the patients complained of instability, joint intravix or severe pain in the postoperative period.

It is the purchaser’s sole responsibility to follow and adhere to all manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for proper use of said item. In addition, the screw imparts uniform pressure on the four strands of hamstring graft through the sheath without causing tendon damage.

Am J Sports Med. The mean of difference of KT in preoperative and postoperative evaluation was 3. It seems that femoral rigid fix and tibial Intrafix is one of the strongest fixations in ACL reconstruction using hamstring graft. The clinical and functional outcomes of soft tissue graft ACL reconstruction using femoral Rigid-fix and tibial bio-intrafix fixation devices are gratifying.

All reconstructions were carried out under regional or general anaesthesia, with the patient in a supine position. Please make sure you are ready to buy if you decide to place a bid.