This FAQ is a guide to the video game Battlecruiser AD (“Battlecruiser A.D.”). The text has been written for Battlecruiser AD version , the final. This is the final version of “Battlecruiser AD” (BC3K, sometimes To quote the v 3rd edition manual: ‚ÄúNothing you do affects the grand scheme of things. Battlecruiser AD is a science fiction video game, noted for its long, troubled development . I pay for the cost of goods, including the boxes and manuals.”.

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Download Battlecruiser Millennium (Windows)

This is NOT a bug, just a lot of things to process. I retrieved the drone with the minerals and the shuttle has docked.

While you cannot use your battlecruiser to load cargo pods, you can use the tractor beam to tow large objects, notably ships. You cannot do the reverse – you cannot beam your troops onto their ships. How does a crewmember get wounded any way?

What does the fatigue level mean? Posted February 25, Target smaller objects such as other ships. Preface – 1. The mission zone you are looking for is number 10 in what is now southern Russia, just to the north east of the Caspian sea. By the time the final series of complete manuals appeared, the walkthrough appendix had been dropped.


Bttlecruiser example, when intruders beam aboard your ship, your combat officer may assign fresh marines to search battlecfuiser ship looking for them. Mines have a finite lifetime – typically around minutes.

And then some players enjoy it. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Take Two, the publisher, has never participated in this endeavor, leaving the game for dead. Download Battlecruiser Millennium Windows We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.

How do I go somewhere? In many cases there is a chance of arriving at either a supernova or a black hole. Different ships have slightly different layouts.

Violations cannot be reduced and do NOT expire. Many can be set using either the mouse or keyboard. Transfer to a ground vehicle use the transporter, or land via a shuttle or the whole batlecruiser and drive around on the ground Similarly it does not address questions related to the plethora of bugs and missing features in the earlier versions. Log On from launch bays, Centcom–Logon.


Interceptors cannot immediately be re-launched. You may accidentally set a mode or system into operation that will make subsequent instructions hard to follow.

Edited the PDF manual – Battlecruiser Millennium – AD Forums

Did it really take ten years to develop? Karanian Mark IV Manial 6. Flame wars are public disagreements between people of opposing views that become personal attacks.

Hold to freeze the action while you are doing this if you wish. Marines can be used to kill intruders by assigning Searching orders to marines on the Tactical–Crew screen. Hyperspace engine must recharge after each use, and have a valid target. Create a character in one of the slots avoid the first slot, since saving to this can be buggy.

BC3K is hard manuzl research.