Paperback: pages; Publisher: Saahithya Bhandaara; 40th Edition edition (); Language: Kannada; ASIN: B00LCH0II4; Product Dimensions: 22 x. Results 1 – 20 of 20 Crossing Over Translation Of Kannada Novel Datu. EAN; Publisher: Br Publishing Corporation / Brpc. Availability – Out of. In an interview, S.L. Bhyrappa talks about Kannada literature, Hinduism, Islam, the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya and more.

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We must accept the past in its complete ugliness. However, things change for the worse, and she discovers a different side to Amir. Bhyrappa says that ‘Aavarana’ is the result of his search for truth about history. It is also pertinent to note that the author anticipated the criticism that the book would receive and has worked in the book, the reasons why books and criticisms should not be banned or suppressed. The Veil is more an ideological treatise than classic kabnada.

What does she discover?

Which is the sub-plot novel of this novel which talks about the accurate history. A Study in Correlations, Baroda: This novel demolishes this myth through the protagonists eyes with ample proofs from historical records and several historians. Aft Byrappa have lot of rivals in kannada literature. I avarxna enjoyed the book. Excellent story and Narration.

Aavarana – Wikipedia

Much of the history of the Muslim conquest of India was already familiar to me, so initially I thought that this book was merely polemic. I am not adept enough to add on to qvarana history of India, the Mughal Empire or the smaller sultanates and provincial rulers. A view of a temple in Hampi.

Ananthamurthywell known in Kannada literaturehas criticised Bhyrappa and his works, terming Aavarana as dangerous. I remember reading pages and pages about the Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire but I read only a avaeana paragraphs about the heroes like Sivaji. What did I like in the book?


ಆವರಣ [Aavarana] by S.L. Bhyrappa

After all his novels get sold out even before their release. In someway i think the rivals are correct. So as soon as I finished the novel I searched avaranz the details and came across the below article.

An example of such convolution is the period of Mughal rule in India which was most brutal, oppressive and wroth with religious intolerance, but the left historians have attempted to erase this fact and replace it by vaarana history that portrays the Mughals and Aurangzeb in particular as benevolent and secular. At the same time he doesn’t make any false accusations. Kanbada is someone who’ll always remain in my memories, so will Narasimhe Gowda, Shesha Sastri What she sees in Hampi disturbs her, little does she know that these were the first ripples of the ocean she is about to cross.

Satyameva Jayate – Truth alone triumphs! However, truth has a avarwna way of showing up despite all veils of lies, misinformation, narratives and propaganda. The book throws light on harsh truths of history that have been consciously hidden by the progressive intellectuals, in the interest of harmony. It makes you realise how our own history was distorted.

Then we also get to see how intolerant a few people were kannadz how they destroyed many places of worship.

His novels are widely translated to pan Indian languages. In this process she is abandoned by her husband and friends. The book is primarilly centered to learn from history, but its unfortunate that the avarans history is veiled in Indian acadamics by imparting false perspctive to the subject.

We must be careful about linking narratives associated with religion to contemporary social practice.

There is a layered story telling, story within a story, of a war slave during the Mughal rule. Kudos to Sandeep for the translation as many people like me get to read this work. Nov 01, Kanika rated it it was amazing.


Characters citing a documentary of Hampi and Kashi. Her visit to the ruins of Hampi for a documentary churns her thinking and questions the ideology she believes in. It takes us into the annals of the history and introduces us to a totally different world where the Mughals kannadaa over this nation.

The act of concealing truth in Sanskrit is called “Aavarana”!!!. Online Webpage of The Hindu. Write a Testimonial Few good words, go a long way, thanks!

At times, I could see the strain in the narrative where it seems to tend toward a judgement, but the author masters the art of expertly maneuvering it to maintain the open-endedness of the novel. And she finds out that although Indian society has come a long way over the centuries, it still remains as rigid as before.

ಆವರಣ [Aavarana]

There were few instances when I couldn’t continue reading and had to just stop. I discovered Aavarana avaraja the article Rending the veil of historical negationism in India on the IndiaFacts portal. Non-fiction material is wrapped with fictional characters to classify it as a work of fiction. Sahitya BhandaraBalepet, Bangalore.

A certain ruler was NOT secular and we must accept that.

Book Review | Aavarana: The Veil

The description of demolishing of the temples, treatment of war slaves, tax system which was imposed on non believers is just painful. Go ahead and grab it, but be prepared avarqna the dilemma over truth, especially if you are an Indian. It is because you know why?