Net Code Example Here The code I use to Generate (” PDF”, deviceInfo, mimeType, encoding, extension, streamids, warnings) Response. Ive got a report working great using a ReportViewer in , however every load I convert the HTML report into a PDF. Is it possible instead of loading the. does not return. Forums on Bytes.

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Test Data The following is my test data localrdport also Stored Procedure to fetch the data for the report. Create a new ASP. Add a new DataSet from the Data templates.

: RDLC Pdf in c#

Here add a new DataTable into a Dataset as shown below. Add columns to the DataTable and name each column the same as used for rnder Stored Procedure.

Finally the Data Table is ready, having the required columns in it. Add a new Report file.


The RDLC report has the default view as below: In the Report Data click and new button and select DataSet. And then select the appropriate DataSet.

how to programatically save RDLC report in PDF format using

After selecting the DataSet, the columns appear in the right tab. After adding the DataSet, the report data is as below: Right-click on Report Page and select the Insert command.

Select Table from the available tools. Right-click on the dynamic row and select the appropriate column from DataColumns as shown below. After adding DataColumns the Report Page is as in the following: Up to this step we have completed the report design.

Add new WebPage Step The WebPage has the following script and it will look as in the following image: The WebPage has the following C code: Finally build and run the

The results are as below.

PDF downloadable report file 2. DOC downloadable report file 3. Excel downloadable report file The following are the files stored in the download folder: Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.


When deploying the project add the following assemblies to the bin folder:. For more detailed code and database script information download the source code attached.

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