French: Articles définis et indéfinis. Voici un petit exercice rien que pour vous! French exercise “Articles définis et indéfinis” created by anonyme with The. Les articles definis ||||| *The French definite article corresponds to “the” in English. * Masculin – Sing: (LE) le garçon = the boy; L’homme = the man; (l’ masc or. 1 nov. In French there are 3 types of articles: Articles définis (le, la, l’, les) Articles indéfinis (un, une, des) Articles partitifs The partitive articles are.

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He thinks that cars are the invention of the devil.

Les articles partitifs

Here are the definite articles in French: Nous jouons au basket. Articles In French, nouns are usually preceded by indffini Comments or questions about this page?

Of course, it is the symbol of the University! Tags articlesarticles partitifslearn Frenchpartitive articlesquantityuncountable nouns. It is not used, however, when general statements are made about a group – statements that are meant to refer to all the entities that make up that group. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Plural Indefinite Articles The plural indefinite article, desis used when referring to more than a single entity.


This is the role of the definite article as we shall soon see. I like French a lot. Your support is entirely optional but tremendously appreciated.

Articles définis et indéfinis

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Je vois des blattes partout. Exrrcices see cockroaches everywhere. He likes summer more than winter. Bring the plates, knives, glasses, napkins, and wine. Every winterhe skis in Purgatory.

Partitive Articles A partitive article consists of the preposition de followed by a definite article du, de la. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. However the definite article almost always precedes the names of countries except when it follows the prepositions en and de. Vowel or h muet. Tammy does not like coffee. On MondaysTex goes adticle a jog. Learn more about indefinite articles.

Les articles definis et indefinis

Names are not usually preceded by articles. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Once again, English omits the article in such general statements. What about Sixth street? Mon ami vend des fleurs dans le metro.

Learn more about definite articles. Learn how your eercices data is processed. I drink red wine during dinner. As in English, an article is characterized as either definite ‘the’ or indefinite ‘a’, ‘an’. Basketball is our favorite exercicws.

Whales are the largest animals in the world. Listen to the dialogue: Il pense que les voitures sont l’invention du diable. Mais l’ amour est aussi important pour nous que pour les humains. Je mange un sandwich. Do you know the UT Tower? English, defiji contrast, uses no article at all.


L’article partitif ( du, de la, de l’,des)

This site uses cookies. La guerre est horrible. L’ argent ne rend pas l’ homme heureux! Of course, for insects and animals, money does not exist!

I have a car. Blog Statshits.

If you love it, please consider making a one-time or monthly donation. Definii find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Les baleines sont les animaux les plus grands du monde. The indefinite article is used with countable nouns.

It is used when referring to a single instance that is a part of a group that consists of many entities. Des oiseaux mangent le fruit de ces arbres. Les articles One of the eight parts of speechan article is a word that modifies a noun in a particular way, by stating whether the noun is specific, unspecific, or partial. I am going to buy some bread.