Animorphs The Separation [K. A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Perma-Bound Hardcover. Scholastic Inc. The other Animorphs dub them “mean Rachel” and “nice Rachel”, respectively. Mean Rachel Book Thirty-Two, The Separation. Ifi: Rachel. The Separation | Download & Read The Animorphs E-Books.

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No FB’s this week because it is finals and also here are the things Ifi has to do: Good luck on your finals, Ifi! It always takes them by surprise. Given all the times I’ve heard about that scene, I too am very sad it ended up happening offscreen. I suddenly feel far less bad about stopping at book What an utterly ridiculous execution of such a hackneyed, recycled plot.

Oh, man, this book. The series seemed sepaaration hit a slump around this point, and you can definitely see it in the plot summaries. Most of the books, with one or two exceptions, seem like “what if” scenarios hastily written up by KAA or the ghostwriters on a Friday night. Is it just me, or does Rachel look about 30 years old on this cover? What else do you do a somersault through? On the ground” A somersault is a launch off the ground followed by a flip in the air. Though, really, I think the author meant some sort of flip or handspring – a somersault wouldn’t have been good for attacking Marco.

Also, I’ve noticed that “through the air” is used a lot by authors describing dynamic movement, even when there is still substantial ground contact. It just makes it sound cool, Animorhs guess. Also, I got bored waiting for the derby and made this for you: Regarding the discrepancies between the split parts and Rachel, I think this book operates on a premise that Visser One expresses as her perception of human brain functions.

Rachel is plainly more than the sum of these two halves. Look at the clothing thing — both halves express distaste with her wardrobe. IdRachel wants to go all badass butch, while SuperEgoRachel wants to snimorphs up more.

Remember, the material of her brain is still intact in z-space, and when she de-morphed, there were suddenly two legitimate destinations for the matter to go, and rather than go with one and let the other half regenerate its brain entirely from new matter, the brain bits got divied up between the two halves, which meant less conflict between the two halves.

Plainly real Rachel was in each as they had her memories and associations. Rather it is Rachel 1 vs. In each of those, the real Rachel is diminished and thus the aberrant halves become dominant.

As separstion as how the halves of her personality go, these are not halves of her personality, they are the personas generated by the estranged halves of her brain. The personalities I’ll deal with in another comment, because this one is long enough.

Seriously, part of what I love about these reviews apart from the utter snark and teh, of course is the astoundingly well-thought-out theories and insights other people have. I’m learning so much!

Not to mention that completely whack solution for putting her back together. I get what KAA was going for but it didn’t come together. Once I found out she’d just had a baby the crackiness of the story made perfect sense. Sleep deprivation is a bitch! Rachel beating a Hork-Bajir with her severed arm – I like to pretend this book never happened.

When viewed through the lens of mother-of-a-baby suddenly this book makes perfect sense: Rachel flips between screaming, irrational monster of appetites who cannot be reasoned with, only satiated, on the one hand; and on the other hand, she’s this helpless, sniveling, whining creature that can’t do anything for herself. Despite this book’s flaws, it’s still one separatuon my favorites. Mostly because even though the actual split personality was separatino, this is the first examination of Rachel through the sort of lens Tobias is always under.


Sepafation then of course the ghostwriter of 37 goes and shits all over it, to the point where to this day I have not read more than two chapters of that book.

But we’ll suffer through that when we come to it. I’m pretty sure this episode is a Whole Plot Reference to an old episode of the original Star Trek where Kirk was similarly bifurcated, yhe each half had something the other one needed to function. Yeah, just found it–“The Enemy Within.

Also, there was fun with attempted rape and so on. They do this for just about every sci-fi or fantasy work separtaion runs long enough. Legend of the Seeker and Buffy the Vampire Slayer were the two most recent that spring to mind. Alright, I went into a thing about the mechanics of the Rachel brain split, now here’s my anlmorphs about how and where her personality ies come from or are affected by that.

Real Rachel is the only one with a genuine personality, interpersonal relationships, empathy or a conscience. The conscience does not merely restrain her from tge, it also impels her to act, especially on behalf of her friends. Wimp Rachel comes close, with the recollection of duty, but that is simply an abstract concept driving her, and not the real virtue, otherwise Jake would not have to remind her of it.

Duty, for most people, including Rachel, implies connections and attachments to ideals or other people. I think these creatures formed as entirely new beings who grew out of portions of Rachel’s brain, with none of the individual persona that exists apart from known biology whether on a spiritual level or some sort of quantum or other rational phenomena we have not discovered yet.

This is the part that Visser Three wanted to destroy with his meat-drugging product, the part that stays intact no matter what her morphed brain is animorhs her and the part that yells at the Yeerk in animophs head even after it has total control of the neurological functions. These things are attributes of what we refer to as the soul, and that construct was unable to exert her will on either form, because of the diffusion or some other reason, leaving mindless neurological programming to drive each one, absent a significant portion of that programming that makes up a healthy brain.

The split Rachels were not real people, they were biological automatons with brain damage. While they show some of the underlying drives in Rachel’s character, Rachel herself is far more than the sum of the two of them, and her traits are more than the amelioration of each one’s extremes by the other.

To extrapolate and concise-ify, Mean Rachel was extrapolated from Rachel’s id, Nice Rachel was extrapolated from her superego planning, sense of abstract concepts like dutyand since the ego was split between the two bodies it was overpowered.

I have a theory on Ax. He’s probably one of those really smart kids who’s simply too lazy to do anything. He’s distracted a lot, but he’s still doing all these awesome things.

Andalite schools probably teach a lot more than any human school would. As for his solution to the split-Rachel problem The solution never made any sense to me, i stopped trying to make sense of it. I really liked this book, I don’t know why. It was just really awesome to read. And I wonder who on Earth would go around splitting starfish in half for the lulz.

I really enjoyed this review too. I was sitting at my friend’s house, all dolled up and wearing separayion prom dress, LOLing while I read.

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What else do I do while I wait for everyone else to get ready? Considering that Andalite child prodigies appear to get roped into committing genocide in the name of the war, as we shall find out in a later book, this is probably a good thing. And, in fairness, Ax points out several times that he didn’t pay attention in class, thinking that he’d never actually have to travel through a Sario rip or do any of the other crazy n-dimensional stuff that happens with alarming regularity throughout the series.


I would really like to read a sci-fi novel written by a member of a species who has already confirmed evidence of alien life.

Also many years ago, oyster farmers would go around and cut up the seastars that went around feeding on their oyster beds. They didn’t realize that the seastars would just regenerate, and this ended up enormously multiplying them in number and resulted in an oyster shortage.

Did half of those starfish become psychotic wackjobs, and the other half became emotionally fragile wimps who may or may not have engaged in incestuous thoughts? Inquiring minds want to know! Ugh, all these worms keep eating the fruits in my garden.

Let me go cut them in half. Surely that’s the best way to get rid of them! Don’t sci-fi novels also cover non-alien topics? Like time travel and stuff. Most of them have aliens, but some are freaky enough without them “–All You Zombies–” by Robert A Heinlein is one of those. This is still my favorite Rachael book. The cover freaks me out- there is no way Rachael dresses like that.

I forgive it for not separatlon sense because the whole evil twin thing is a favorite cliche of mine. I buy the one piece, because Rachael is much more tomboy-ish the longer the abimorphs goes on, I just think that particular colour scheme hurts my eyes.

I say lets get out there and twat it! I saw books as the part of the series where all the serious, amimorphs, horrible, scarring-for-life things happened.

The Separation (novel) – Wikipedia

Marco set up his mom, then Jake almost lost his dad, Rachel was split, Tobias was tortured, Cassie was possessed, Marco’s dad remarried and the stress screwed up his ability to morph aniorphs didn’t this happen to jake in 31? Basically, every book that began with a ‘3’ tried to destroy your innocence and ability to feel joy.

They’re dark books, but when the bright spots do show up, they’re pretty bright. But still a moving scene. I’m not sure having to think a loved one is dead for a time is a reasonable price for a physical expression of affection.

The Separation

animorpjs Also, the torture-to-kiss ratio of Tobias’ experience does not seem remotely like a net gain on his ths. And then there was all the crap everyone dumped on Rachel in the plane-crashing one, that turned out to be rather unfounded and pointless, as they were criticizing her for something that had not yet come to pass, and at the end te the lecture, were forced to admit only she could get them out of it.

Separatuon I have noted previously, silver linings seem to be a disproportionately small percentage of what the Animorphs get out of everything, they are just timed right to let the readers think there was a happy ending or that it all evens out somehow. Does the cover picture of Rachel mid-morph remind anyone else of the Thing from the Fantastic Four?

Mean Rachel certainly seems to be fond of smashing things, as well. I mean, I was probably looking at it through my personal pair of nostalgia goggles, but I remembered it to be much better than what it actually is.

But yeah, I still think it’s very quirky and interesting, even if the results of the splitting never made any sense to me: Zaraki from Bleach and Fluttershy, basically?