[D&D ] Eden Odyssey – Akrasia – Thief of Time (Eden Studios). Uploaded by Pontifex. D&D Akrasia – Thief of Time. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Could this be the work of Akrasia, the Goddess of Distraction? Akrasia, Thief of Time, presents a series of vignettes that can be used individually or in total to. Board Games. Home · Recent Additions · Welcome · Wiki. Subdomains. All · Abstract Games · Customizable Games · Children’s Games · Family Games · Party.

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As you approach, you notice that the debris results not so much from ruin as disinterest. Also presented are five new monsters and four new magical items, all akrxsia which are interesting and useful. While weakness of will has been discussed a lot, and it seems intuitively likely that procrastination is related to weakness of will or akrasiaweakness of will is more often connected in the philosopher’s mind with excessive consumption of chocolate than with checking one’s email or playing solitaire for the sole off of avoiding work.

Plus details of a temple, legends of the cult, and possible encounters.

However, starting with this article thie still have been a good idea. Unlike many d20 products, Akrasia is a vignette book. About 28 cents per page Designed for Character Level: Jennifer Baker tells us that there is a lot of discussion over the internet as to whether procrastination is a sin.

I fully intend to try some of the methods suggested when I get around to them. But exactly how this is possible — the question that Tappolet’s paper brings into focus — is as hard a question about human nature as they come. Eden studios are headed by a graphic designer and do shows it.


Weakness of will, conceived in Aristotelian terms as acting against one’s best judgment or akrasiais something that happens at a moment whereas procrastination is essentially a thing that happens over time. It entails a trip to an abandoned shrine once dedicated to Akrasia and is barely a dungeon crawl. If you tend to check your email too much, make it hard for yourself to connect to the internet advice is given about specific scaffolding techniques.


This seems to fit some cases of procrastination very well, and fit the empirical literature, mentioned later, that suggests that detailed planning reduces procrastination. Though some work will be required to get the most out of this product, it is worth checking out and definitely worth a second glance. Definitely buy it if you’re interested in the ideas. She basically asks a question that a Martian might ask about us: A sidebar gives possible connections into the other adventures detailed The Way Choice is an inn run by a follower of Akrasia 4 pages.

If you don’t like one of the societies in Touched by the Godsthere are a dozen others. Reset Fields Log in.

Sergio Tenenbaum offers an analysis of a vice of procrastination as a failure in implementing extended plans. Looking back on your life you become aware of some of the things you could have achieved if only you hadn’t stayed for that one last drink, if only you hadn’t watched so much TV, if only you could have been bothered. There is no cure yet, but some treatments are proven to be of help to amrasia.

He owns a magical item, the Harp of Distraction, which is detailed in the Appendix. The Akratics are also quite nicely detailed even if Godric reminds me too much of myself and make good use of NPC classes.

Akrasia Thief of Time – D20 Eden Studios

She is the chaotic evil goddess of failed resolution and weaknesses of will. Christine Tappolet, in an article about procrastination and personal identity, provocatively challenges the idea, dear to some theorists of personal identity, that we have a special concern for our future selves. Account Options Sign in. There are sketches of the new monsters and magic items.

I hope this review has been helpful. There’s a quite useful section on how Akrasia’s followers would fuction as enemies in a gaming campaign, focusing on their more subtle nature, and then the overview concludes with the faith’s major artifact the Leaking Hourglassthiff Akratic legends, and an example of a follower of Akrasia – Littara, a halfling Akasia.


Then they build a cult and a goddess around that idea and put it in a fantasy setting – detailing various locations and NPCs who represent this concept for TV, read bard with magical harp for instance. No one, the poet reminds us, ever says, “Whee!

Some of the spells are neat, tie only NPCs will find the prestige class useful. Cover art by Allen Douglas is very good, as well as the interior art by Kieran Yanner.

Akrasia, Thief of Time | House Rules | Forum | BoardGameGeek

Akrasia is the patron deity of the distractions that prevent people from fulfilling their potential. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. A temple in disrepair looms out of the mist.

With a very minimum of adaption if anythese mini-adventures will fit into your campaign quite nicely. There are few editorial problems, as the main NPC from thoef five been referred several times before an introduction, but overall the text is very well written. The creature, Saphard a large magical tiger-like felinehas Distraction power that seems overwhelming for its challenge rating and probably needs lowering. The layout is clean, straightforward and easy to read.

Akrasia’s blessing affects a community with lassitude, but it does not have any game-mechanical effects.

Akrasia, Thief of Time

The Sheltering Shrine – starts off the vignettes and is designed for 2nd-4th level parties. It’s 32 pages with the OGL on the inside of the cover instead of taking up one of those pages – bravo! Since the zkrasia subtitle is thif Essays on Procrastination,” a warning might be in order: Millgram has complicated conclusions to draw here about “fallback virtue” — virtue, as it were, for the rest of us — and about instrumental rationality.

Last are four new magic items – sort of. The presentation of the material in a series of vignettes is refreshing and just plain neat.