View and Download Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ instruction manual online. numerical overcurrent, motor and overload relay. SIPROTEC 7SJ Relays pdf . 5/19 SIPROTEC 7SJ numerical overcurrent, motor and overload . bypassing the internal control function, manual detection using a binary input is. 5 OvercurrentProtection/7SJ 5. 5/19 The SIPROTEC 7SJ is a numerical overcurrent relay which, in . function, manual detection using a binary.

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Low-current single-phase 7xj600 on the low voltage side that result in negative phase-sequence current on the high-voltage side can be detected with the negative-sequence protection.

Control The relay permits circuit-breakers to be opened and closed without command nanual. Cold load pickup By means of a binary input which can be wired from a manual close contact, it is possible to switch the overcurrent pickup settings to less sensitive settings for a programmable duration of time. The tripping time depends on the current. Intentional trip delays can be parameterized from 0. Fort Hood Sentinel Advertisement.

Jack Sheldon standards development with responsibility, amongst others, for the creation. In order to detect the unbalanced load, the ratio of negative phase-sequence current to rated current is evaluated.


Asymmetric short-circuits with currents that can be smaller than the largest possible load currents or phase interruptions are reliably detected. The unit has been developed and manufactured for application in an industrial environment according to the EMC standards.

Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ600 Instruction Manual

The reverse interlocking principle is used, for example, in medium-voltage power systems and in switchgear for power plants, where a high-voltage system transformer manal a busbar section with several mediumvoltage outgoing feeders.

Interruptions, short-circuits or crossed connections to the current transformers are detected. In this case, reverse interlocking provides high-speed busbar protection in radial or ring power systems that are opened at one point.

This can compensate for initial inrush when energizing a circuit without compromising the sensitivity of the overcurrent elements during steady state conditions. Available inverse-time characteristics Characteristics acc. After the set time has expired, the pickup settings automatically return to their original setting.

In this way, equipment such as motors can be protected against asymmetric and excessive loading. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.


This can occur, for example, if the rotor is blocked, if excessive voltage drops occur when the motor is switched on or if excessive load torques occur. The surface-mounting version has terminals accessible from the front.

Overcurrent Protection / 7SJ

Furthermore, low level single-phase and two-phase short-circuits such as faults beyond a transformer as well as phase interruptions can be detected. If the control switch is connected to a circuit-breaker bypassing the internal control function, manual detection using a binary input is implemented.

The tripping time t is calculated in accordance with the following tripping characteristic complete memory in accordance with IEC Parameters are assigned to decide whether the input circuit is to operate in open-circuit or closed-circuit mode. If the internal control function is used local or via serial interfacethe manual closing function is available without any additional wiring.

This is selectable via a jumper inside the relay.