1984 XL350R PDF

Anyone out there know much about the older XLR bikes? If you mean XLR I had a model and it was a great bike before it. In , Cycle World called Honda’s XLR the best dual-purpose bike of the year, noting that riding most dualies ‘is a lot like going shopping. The Web’s most trusted source for Honda XLR Parts. Use our comprehensive OEM schematic diagrams to find the exact parts you need to get the job.

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Bumbling down the road near our office recently was a barely mobile example of how oddly illogical the human animal xl350e be. It was an old, English sedan from the era of little pointing hands that popped from the roof to signal turns. Even allowing for changing times, these cars were not good cars.

In exchange for looking funny, they were cramped.

To make up for lack of speed, they were also unreliable. They were priced high so they depreciated quickly. And they sold by the hundreds of thousands. The manufacturer did better than a brisk business, was in fact a major power worldwide. English cars are much better now. Better built, better designed, better looking, more reliable.

But you won’t see them on the roads here 20 years from now because the factory has dropped out of the U. When you’re in style, you don’t have to be good. When you’re out of fashion, being good may not help. All of which is a roundabout introduction to the Honda XLR, which is new, incredibly good Only Honda could make the XLR.

This is Honda’s third distinct cc dual-purpose machine, following the SL the CB Twin engine with mildly revised frame, high pipes and not much speed in the dirt and the original XL ofa four-valve Single of great strength and weight. More in the present are the resources offered by Honda’s extended family.

The XL-series Singles evolved in various displacements, gaining two-port exhausts and later compound carburetors, then single rear shocks, disc front brakes from the XR and CR lines, and radially disposed valves to take full advantage of the four ports.

When things work, for example the disc front brake, they are parcelled out to the various model lines. When they don’t, as in the in. This gives Honda an unmatched flexibility. Having developed the four-valve radial head with compound carbs, the frame, suspensions brakes, etc. This is all in proportion. The radial-valve,and engines are the same basic design.

They aren’t the same engine bored out or destroked. The heads, barrels and so forth don’t interchange. The version fits neatly in the middle of the line: The engine weighs about 10 lb. The XL and XR do have different versions of the same engine.


There’s also cost, or what the accountants would call cost effectiveness. All bikes must compete in the open market, against rivals of similar specifications from different makes, and against other models from the same brand. That means every machine is priced as low as possible, in turn requiring a series of trades.

The XL’s sticker price is more than an XL. X350r, we get those lights and signals for free? The dealer makes out better on the XR?

Honda XLR Opinions??? | Adventure Rider

No in both cases. Instead, the XL has a frame of equal strength, but it’s made of less expensive steel and there’s more of it. The buyer gets more of this, less of that. Speaking of more, there’s weight, the villain of the four-stroke, dual-purpose world. Sorry, but not even Honda can change nature’s rules. Four-stroke dual-purpose bikes weigh more than four-stroke off-road bikes, which weigh more than two-stroke off-road bikes of equal displacement. For example, with half a tank of fuel: The XL is a complete motorcycle.

It comes with mirrors, turn xl3500r, passenger pegs, even the little canister to store gas fumes, as required x,350r California. Instead of a tachometer, there are shift-now marks on the speedometer. The tool box, which used to have a flap that lived to fall open when you weren’t looking, now is held closed by a hook integrated into the helmet lock.

There’s no good place for a conventional luggage rack but Yoshimura’s Buddy Bag hooks up just fine. Okay, we’d rather the XL weighed less.

But it’s an acceptable weight for its type and displacement, and the jump from to cc brings less poundage penalty than does the jump from to The other thing only Honda can do is make a model for its own class. Suzuki tried this a few years ago. The buying public didn’t care, so Suzuki went tothen reverted to the and thejust like everybody else. But the Honda salesman gets to offer the traditional sizes and if the customer wants more of this, less of that, why.

Starting in the real world. Even before we picked up our XL, we were getting calls from new owners frustrated by the quirks of getting the fire to stay lit.

The solution is something of a fudge. The XL has a bore of mm, the practical maximum across which a flame front will travel. The has an automatic compression limiter, a fifth valve linked to the kick start and opening a chamber, in effect doubling the space into which the mixture is compressed and thus reducing compression by half.

And the has a manually controlled compression release. Despite that, the has temperament. It’s wonderfully powerful, the big brother who can save you from every bully that 11984 swaggered across the playground. xl530r

At times the is also the big brother who gives you a whack upside the head, just to remind who’s in charge. Honda’s fudge is obvious.


1984 Honda XLR350 Opinions???

The has a smaller bore, so the flame has less cold surface to cover. And it’s smaller in displacement, so there’s less to compress. The does not have and does not need the decompression chamber or the manual release. Instead, there’s a lifter linked to the kick start that opens one exhaust valve during part of the compression stroke. The system can feel strange.

Clearances are critical at both ends of the cable. When the lifter is adjusted perfectly, the kicker meets no compression in the usual sense.

There only resistance from gear and ring drag and valve spring compression. If the clearances aren’t perfect the valve will close too soon or open too late or something and the strokes can be xl3500r. The piston will even come to a stop under a half-hearted foot, just like the old days.

Begin the kick at the top of the lever’s travel, push down firmly—it’s easy enough to allow the kicker’s other foot to be on the ground, no leaping needed and the engine will spin through.

The XL has an enrichment circuit that includes a fast idle that provides just enough throttle. When the engine’s cold, pull the xll350r on full.

The engine will catch or sputter. If it sputters, do nothing. Sit there, hands in lap.

If it dies, kick it again. Mostly, what it does is sputter and catch and work 19884 to a fast idle, all with no action on the riders part. When the engine has caught, the rider has two options.

One, ride away with choke lever on. About the time you think, “Gosh! Or, sit with the lever full on until the engine’s fins are too hot to be touched.

Honda XL350R

Flip the lever off and ride away. If by mischance the engine dies before it’s fully warmed, follow Honda’s book. Three kicks full choke no throttle, three kicks no choke full throttle. Starting drill is emphasized here because when it’s done right, it’s easy. If it isn’t done right, it’s virtually the XL’s only flaw. Shortcomings, the XL has. They are mostly subjective and mostly due to the nature of the class. Sales appeal requires the XL to have not just the rnotocross look, but the modern, with-it motocross look.

The big Harley has an unladen seat height of The XL’s seat towers, relatively, at There’s no choice here. Good dirt bikes, which the XL is, must have lots of wheel travel. They must have more ground clearance than wheel travel. The footpegs must be higher than the ground clearance.