B, The Marine Rifleman: Combat Skills, 3, U, Small Unit Tactics / Military . I got promoted to CPL last June and the ONLY MCI I did was. Pvt through Sgt: MCI B – The Marine Rifleman: Combat Skills Pvt through SSgt: MCI B – Introduction to Electronic Warfare. MCI (G) Metal Work/Welding Ops (1) (MC). 3 SH Welding. – MCI (H) Math for Marines (1) .. B- The Marine Rifleman: Combat Skills.

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If the Marine fails a second time, the standard retesting policy applies, and the Marine will automatically be disenrolled from the course. This program is the prerequisite for sergeants to attend the resident Sergeant’s Course and is a requirement for promotion to staff sergeant. This course provides indepth coverage checks made before.

Provides progression skills from the Sergeants Program on communication through written correspondence. Emphasizes how to install and operate the radio in either single channel or frequency hopping mode.

This handbook covers material applicable to all aviation maintenance MOSs. This handbook is designed as a ready reference for the AAV crewman while conducting field operations. Throughout this course, the student will be faced with decision-making scenarios encountered by a small unit leader. It includes the procedures for conducting non-judicial punishment.

The site also allows students to view the latest news and information from MCI. Designed for Cpl-SSgt working in a brig. Designed for PvtGySgt in the 25 and 28 occupational fields.

MCI will update your library semiannually with any new courses and most recent revisions to existing courses. This accreditation provides MCI an external standard mco improving services and programs through periodic evaluations by mcu outside agency and by self-evaluation. A brief description of the course and the target audience are provided for each course. If the course version is not indicated. Officers may complete an Intermediate Level School mdi education program offered by the services below.


An electronic exam is available for this course. This handbook is intended for instructional purpose only. Pvt – GySgt in the 28XX occfields.

This handbook is provided as a reference for those operating Military Police or Mco fields, particularly the military occupational field. Government Employees of a Military Activity. This course will reinforce your knowledge of landmine operations and procedures acquired through formal training.

The student is required to troubleshoot simulated faults on an M using the technical manual and the appropriate test equipment. Fills a gap mvi training needs and provides intermediate level training information to Marines in field.

Mci Course List – [PDF Document]

Discusses the principles of transmission and physical and cryptographic security. Once the account is approved. Covers procedures used in preserving, packaging, packing, and marking military supplies and equipment. Commanders are responsible for providing their own storage facility and checkout procedures. The purpose mdi each program. Includes instruction on the characteristics.

Provides information on setting up a weight control and personal appearance program on an individual or unit level. In order to protect our constitution and life as we know it, we decided to not be the silent majority anymore and pull our selves up by the bootstraps and make the world a better place.


Covers formulas for finding areas. Room Hawkins Ave. This MCI student combines scholarly virtue and application of his or her education to benefit the Corps.

Six characters must be entered to identify the course number. The first two digits of each mdi number generally represent the occupational field of the course material. Consists of modules containing mic dialogues and performance tests. My Militia website bears no responsibility for the accuracy of anyone’s comments and will bear no responsibility or legal liability for 070b discussion postings.

Mci Course List

This handbook is applicable to any Marine who serves as an enlisted aide. Students can submit a written request to MCI, Attn: Designed for Cpl-Sgt in the 35 occupational field. Designed for Pvt-Sgt in the 60, 61, 63, 64, and 65 occupational fields. The commanding officer or designated representative is responsible for administering the student’s examination.

Mci Course List – dc power training courses

Emphasizes repair procedures to return the pistol to serviceable condition. When a library or education center is equipped with these courses.

Posted May 13, This job aid will assist Marines that are attached to an engineer unit on how to read construction prints. Government Employees of a Military Activity. The request must 0730b the following information: Places emphasis on standardized completion of forms.

Training and Education Ctr.